12 Reasons Why You Should Choose Automated Invoicing System for any Conference

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An automated invoicing system helps to ease up the entire process of creating, verifying, and sending the invoices to the attendees. With the help of automated invoices, the workflow becomes faster and the efficiency increases by many folds.

Mar 14
Saurabh Vyas
Product Manager -Docthub Events`

In a digital world, if you are not updating yourself with the latest technology, you will be outdated a few years from now. Conferences that are being organized nowadays need to be transformed digitally to provide the best possible experience for their attendees.

There are many advantages of moving the invoicing system online, with no disadvantages on the other side, looking at both sides it makes more sense to opt for an automated invoicing system for your upcoming conference.

The advantages 

Get invoices on the spot

The major advantage of moving your invoice system online is to confirm and provide the invoices to the attendees on the spot along with their bookings. This method helps you to keep an accurate track of registrations. You can also plan it in such a way that invoices are being produced automatically.

Faster Payment

Automated invoices let you collect and reflect payment in your balance sheet much faster. The system can help you to keep your cash flow afloat and let the payment come automatically.

Ease for attendees

Customer experience is the heart of growth in any sector. The more easily your attendees will be able to book their tickets for the conference and attend it, the more likely they will be attending more of them in the future.

Payment gateway

The payment gateway helps to receive payment from any method or any bank. The best system among all is the one that accepts every mode of payment, such as credit/debit card, net banking, UPI, etc.

Generate reports

Many times, it gets hard to go deeper into the depth analysis of expenses and revenue of large conferences due to its vast nature. With an automated invoicing system, you can sit back, relax and generate a report whenever you require and get an accurate idea of your expenses and income.

No administrative work

With automated invoicing, you do not need to spend any time on the administrative work, the system will take care of everything digitally, so you do not have to work tirelessly on administrative work.

Confirmation email

The automated system helps you in your bookkeeping by keeping a digital record of every activity. Get an email for every confirmation, to keep a digital track.

Faster workflow

The traditional process includes an old flow that comprises request, process, acceptance, issuing, delivering. Every part of this process is taken care of manually and it takes days and days. While on the other hand automation makes the workflow much faster and every part of the given process can be taken care of in less than a minute. 

Saves the cost

Imagine saving the cost by many metrics just by implementing a small change. The automation process is capable of saving a huge cost for the company by eliminating the manual labor cost. 

Cuts the errors

Manual processes are error-prone and lead to major issues when they can’t match up with the end results. Automation runs smoothly and ensures there are no errors and calculation mistakes.

Transparent process

Automation converts your process with transparency and allows you to look at the entire picture. Transparency eliminates the chances of duplicity or fraud.

User-friendly Dashboard

An easy-to-use dashboard helps you to present the data as you please. Customizable dashboards are dynamic in nature and you can change them anyway you require to maximize their benefits.

Futuristic tech is important to stay relevant in the market. If you are not updating yourself with time, soon you’ll be replaced by someone who does. If you are willing to get this new digital makeover you can visit docthub.com and choose the subscriptions that suit you.

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