5 Things to keep in mind while listing an event

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Using an event listing website for event marketing comes with a number of advantages, including ticket connections, artist lineups, and so on. Event listing websites can be time-consuming so there are a few things you should keep in mind in order to make the most out of them.

Jan 28
Saurabh Vyas
Product Manager -Docthub Events

Organizing an event is nothing less than a responsibility. Websites that list upcoming events are an important aspect of event advertising techniques. There are a plethora of event listing websites that provide free listing services to gain access to a local and global audience of regular event attendees. Using an event listing website for event marketing comes with several advantages, including ticket connections, artist lineups, and so on. Irrespective of the scale of the event, be it a medical seminar, conference or a get-together of associations, organizing an event guarantees the visibility for that particular product or the organization(s) involved and helps in attracting audiences. This will aid in improved sales, higher revenue, increased visibility, and increased attendance of potential clients. Event listing websites can be time-consuming so there are a few things you should keep in mind to make the most out of them. 


In the planning content stage of your event, you must jot down everything thoroughly – the event schedule, the location of the venue, forms of infotainment to be carried out during the event, etc. The content section has several factors that all contribute to the overall event strength. For significant profile strength, one must concentrate on sub-sections such as event overview, agenda and schedule, tickets, photos, exhibitors, speakers, sponsors, and more. The Event Overview section contains all of the essential details about the event. From the event type to the event punchline, description, date, place, and industry, it covers all the information needed for a simple event introduction.

Here are a few things to bear in mind while you fill out the details: 

  • Use the abbreviated form of the event with the venue city when writing the short form of the event. For example, the GUJASICON Vadodara
  • The punchline for your event should not be about the event, but on what it has to offer, for example, “Empowering through Learning.” 
  • Mention a few significant things that the attendees will get to experience at the event. 
  • It would be advisable to present the content as bullet points while listing your event. This will highlight the event's most important aspects while also making it easier for readers to read. 

Agenda and Timeline 

While listing out your event on websites, it becomes very important to state your agenda of the event, conference, or seminar. This segment will help attendees know the various sessions of the event. In the current day and age, a lot of attendees can't attend the events for the whole duration. Thus, they prefer to prioritize specific sessions based on their goal and attend them accordingly. It is advisable to keep the persona of the attendee in mind while drafting this section. 

Ticket Prices

Any potential visitor will check for this piece of information while deciding whether or not to attend an event. Not only attendees but also exhibitors might want to check for booth price quotes or similar. Many exhibitors choose to make booth requests online using event listing sites. As a result, dedicating a part to quoting booth specifications is a good idea (area and related price). It is critical to include a ticket link when listing for an online event. This is to guarantee that those attending the event have the fewest possible online limitations before going ahead with their booking. 


This section allows you to provide the attendees with in-depth information about the event before it. It can contain everything from scientific agenda, registration form, to exhibition layout. The exhibition layout can assist you in moving attendees through the event smoothly and efficiently. Exhibitors that want to request a booth can use the layout as a guide. These also help potential attendees set their expectations and curiosity for the event. 


According to a survey, 28% of people choose to come to the event because of the keynote speakers. If a crowd favorite speaker is headlining an event, the chances of attracting more audience increase. Speakers can have a huge impact on the event's branding. Organizers can use the name and fame of the speakers to enhance the listing and entice potential attendees. Your keynote guest speaker will add value to your event by boosting the buzz you'll require to promote your event. At the ticket level too, mentioning the speaker on event enlisting websites can have an impact on your turnout. 

Organizers must enrich their event listings for them to be marketable. It has become pretty typical these days to list events on event listing websites. Multiple websites offer this service. But it will be more than ideal to go with websites that pertain to your niche.

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