9 Best Features of a Payment Gateway for Your Medical Conference

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A payment gateway helps the attendees to pay online and book the tickets for a conference. It helps the organizers to receive the money in a bank account and keep an eye on the registrations. Below are the things you should keep in mind while choosing a payment gateway for your medical conference

Mar 14
Saurabh Vyas
Product Manager -Docthub Events

A payment gateway is required when any Organizer/Exhibitor wants to charge the attendees for the event. A payment gateway helps the organizers to facilitate the attendees to book the tickets online, collect payment via different payment methods, and share confirmation with the attendees. 

There are many different features that a payment gateway offers which makes it easy for an organizer to manage payment-related operations.

Time Duration

Creating a payment gateway, opening a merchant bank account, and integrating the bank account with the payment gateway service, this entire process is very lengthy and can take up a couple of weeks/months. Instead opting for a ready platform can help you to save up your time and focus more on the operational aspect of the conference.

International Currency

Not every payment gateway provider accepts the international currency. If foreign delegates are going to visit your conference, it makes sense to collaborate with a payment gateway that accepts international currency. 


Building your online platform for each event/conference is not a very brainy decision. The cost of building these kinds of systems is very high and you might not even use them frequently. Ready platforms can help you save the day by providing every facility at a very minor cost. Platforms such as Docthub offer a ready platform for your upcoming events.

Service providers

There are multiple service providers in the market, it may get hard for the organizer or exhibitor to decide which service to use. To make it clear the exhibitors should find the provider that is offering a niche service of that particular industry. Such as Docthub offers solutions for the healthcare fraternity.

A combined system

Before finalizing a service provider, you should check the list of features and benefits to get an idea of what you’ll get. Many payment gateways work simply just to process the payment and do not function as a registration portal. Find a gateway that also serves as a registration platform so you can get detailed information about your event’s registration.


You should be familiar with the tech that is being used by your service provider. Some service providers do not provide full integration of their service. Each gateway solution has different versions of the product with different features. Check your requirements and talk to the service provider once before buying the subscription.

Processing time

Payment gateways act as a merchant and collect the payment, then they take a small cut of their fees and pass on the rest of the payment to the organizers. But payment gateways have different rules on when they’ll release your payment. You should read carefully and choose a service provider that processes your payment as per your ease.


Payment gateways charge a small fee for every transaction that is being done using their platform. The fees vary from platform to platform and depending on the mode of payment. In some cases, platforms also charge hidden charges, fixed transaction fees along with a percentage of the transaction, and different fees depending on the multi-currency payment.


In an internet-centric era, nobody wants to see their website going down. You never know when the attendee will be booking a ticket and making the payment, hence you’ve to be live at all the given hours. Make sure the platform you choose has no downtime. 

By now you’ve got an idea of what things you should keep in mind while choosing a payment gateway for your upcoming event. Docthub provides an adaptable events dashboard that you can customize as per your need and take care of every small detail such as registrations/cancellations, receiving payments online, uploading and reviewing abstracts, sending emails and SMS to the attendees, and much more. For more details visit events.docthub.com