Complete Guide 2024 : How to Organize a Medical Conference

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Keeping a track of tiny details while arranging a conference is a huge task. There are many details that organizers have to look after while arranging a conference. This guide will help you to ensure the registration process of the conference you are organizing runs smoothly.

Mar 1
Saurabh Vyas
Product Manager -Docthub Events

Planning and organizing a medical conference are extremely difficult tasks. Organizing a medical conference requires lots and lots of arrangements and planning to accomplish its vision and objective. You need to set up meetings, generate new ideas, and come up with different methods to ensure the conference becomes successful. 


The first thing you can do to ensure the success of a conference is to divide it into two parts

  1. Pre-Conference
  2. Onsite



The pre-conference stage is a step where you plan out the entire conference. There are multiple things that need to be taken care of beforehand such as:


  • Deciding the vision and objective
  • Selecting a committee 
  • Distribution of the responsibilities
  • Creating online and offline registration processes
  • Providing invoices to registered attendees
  • Informing and communicating with Guest speakers
  • Looking after the availability of venue
  • Selecting and finalizing abstracts/ research papers
  • Communicating the important details with Delegates
  • Arranging audio-visual equipment system
  • Finalizing and ordering certificates for participants
  • Promoting the event to get a wider reach
  • Nailing down the final details
  • Arranging audio-visual equipment system
  • Looking for other miscellaneous arrangements 


Your job is not merely to arrange the above-given things, it is also to make sure that everything works in harmony to make the conference successful. 


But hold on, how will you keep track of everything? Registration, informing delegates, keeping track, taking care of manual and administrative work, and so on…

There is a solution for it - Docthub!

Docthub takes care of online and offline registration of your conference, it also takes care of, admin and accounting work, invoices and summary, abstracts, SMS and Email promotions, creating attendance reports, refund and cancellation, and everything else that would otherwise drain your time. Explore More


So now you’ve prepared for everything, what next?



After finishing pre-preparations, you need to be prepared for the Onsite conference event. A lot of things need to be taken care of while an event is ongoing. These things include.


  • Creating a registration and check-in desk
  • Looking after last-minute registrations and cancellations
  • Create and manage attendance sheet
  • Taking care of the administrative paperwork or digital paperwork
  • Ensuring abstracts are well received and organized
  • Payment settlement
  • Distributing Certificates
  • Taking care of miscellaneous tasks if arrives


Managing Onsite activities is hard as you’ve got to look after a lot of things at the same time. Plus, there are a lot of requirements which arise at the final moment, so you’ve got to be prepared for such situations. Distributing the categories of work among volunteers can help to eliminate the last-minute burden and execute the event nicely.


While you are on the site you need to take care of Offline registrations and check-ins, provide invoices and registration ids to delegates, ensure all the abstracts are in order and provide certificates to the attendees. These tasks can be time-consuming, and to help you with that Docthub provides all these facilities in one All-in-one event dashboard. You can manage and look after every detail in one place.


The event you are planning to organize executes nicely when you take care of both these stages perfectly.


By now you must have found out how arranging and managing a successful conference is a tough task, but it can smoothen up with the right choices. provides an adaptable events dashboard that you can customize as per your need and take care of every small detail on one platform. For more details, you can visit