Best Association Membership Management Platform of 2024

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Association Membership Platform is built to help associations of any size to maintain the data of their members and to provide them with value. It takes away the burden that associations have to bear while maintaining the data of their members and provides a smooth experience.

May 11
Saurabh Vyas
Product Manager - Docthub Events

While managing membership is a difficult task in itself, there are multiple other tasks associated with it. Implementing one automated system instead of following multiple manual systems can come in handy to look after these arising needs, such as increasing members' engagement, generating more revenue for the organization, simplifying the process and saving time. 


Docthub Association Management provides one centralized suite that provides multiple functions in one place so you don’t need to follow different suites for particular tasks.  


Manage Members data 

The primary function of a membership platform is to help you manage the members’ data and create their user profiles. This function helps you to maintain the entire data in one place with the help of a user-friendly dashboard instead of storing and maintaining that data at different places.  


Membership Segmentation 

When you have different types of categories to maintain, it becomes a little difficult to gather the entire membership data and quickly segregate them in the desired format. A Membership platform can help segment users into different categories and create a ready format that can contain all the data and present it the way you wish to. 


Connecting with Members 

Even if you are maintaining a fully functional excel sheet that contains all the data, it is hard to extract the information of members and contact them manually. A smart membership platform can help you to send Emails and contact the members directly from the dashboard. Keep in mind that you can also send dues reminders to the members for timely payments. 

Online Payment 

A Membership management platform that provides a payment gateway and supports all major payment methods allows you to receive online payments from members and keep its real-time track. It is an eco-friendly method that does not harm the environment and does not consume any paper.  

Event Management 

A membership platform with multiple functionalities can help you to create, manage and market your event from the dashboard. Connect with members directly and invite them to attend and participate in your event, the attendees can pay online and get the invoices and confirmation in their email. With the entire workflow automated in such a way that no manual work is required such as one offered by Docthub 


Accurate Reports and Data 

A smart platform keeps all the data of members and financial figures such as incomes, expenses, due dates, renewal dates, etc. It makes more sense to go for a ready platform rather than maintaining this data manually. An association management platform eliminates the possibility of any accounting error and provides accurate reports containing the required data. 


Remote access 

You are not going to run looking for a laptop every time there is a new member joining or you need to take a look at any one particular data report, you need to make sure you can access all this information on the tip of your phone with just a few taps. Look out for a platform partner that eases your burden rather than adding more to it. 


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Managing all the data in one place can benefit an association in multiple ways. A centralized facility that can handle all the functions is a must-have for any association. Docthub Association Management provides all these and much more to help you grow your community. You can sign up for a free trial and see if it fits your requirements.