ShalbyCon 2023 National Critical Care Conference - An event that empowered Critical Care excellence!

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Shalby Multi-Specialty Hospitals organized a two-day conference “ShalbyCon 2023” a national-level conference on the critical care specialty. The conference was held on the 3rd June and 4th June at Taj Skyline Hotel, Ahmedabad. This conference was organized in association with ISCCM and the Association of Physicians of Ahmedabad. The conference was dedicated to Critical Care specialization and garnered significant attention from Doctors across the city.

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Dr Sandip Patel
Founder & CEO, Docthub
ShalbyCon 2023 National Critical Care Conference - An event that empowered Critical Care excellence!

The eagerly anticipated ShalbyCon 2023 National Critical Care Conference was successfully conducted in the vibrant city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. To address pertinent topics in D2D practice, an esteemed panel of speakers was handpicked from across the nation for this special event. 


The conference was thoughtfully designed to provide delegates with a blend of learning and leisure, offering a brief getaway that also enriched their professional journey.


Pre-Conference Workshop

Prior to the commencement of the main conference, a workshop on 2nd June 2023 was arranged at Shalby Multi-Specialty Hospitals to provide attendees with knowledge of the ICU Infection course, Mechanical Ventilation course, and Airway course.


Scientific Programs

Over the course of the two days, accomplished doctors delivered insightful presentations on their respective topics, complemented by interactive sessions. These sessions collectively enhanced the knowledge of critical care specialists specializing in critical care.


Scientific ProgramsSpeakerChair Persons
3rd June 2023 Saturday
Sepsis in 2023Dr. Vivek JoshiDr. Falguni Iyer, Dr. Gaurav Chhaya, Dr. Kunal Jhaveri, Dr. Ashok Khatri, Dr. Sunil Mehta, Dr. Jitendra Anand
Management of CRE InfectionsDr. Sanket Mankad
Approach to Acute Undifferentiated Febrile IllnessDr. Stool ShuklaDr. Smruti Trivedi, Dr. Jayesh Pavra, Dr. Jigar Gami, Dr. Kandarp Bhuva, Dr. Ankit Chellani, Dr. Deepali Brahmachari
Role of Imaging in Diagnosis of Acute Neurological ConditionsDr. Prakash Shastri
ICP Management in ICU: Drug to SurgeryDr. Harshil ShahDr. Kalrav Mistry, Dr. Tanish Modi, Dr. Naresh Malhotra, Dr. Sachin Patel, Dr. Umang Patel, Dr. Pushpraj Patil
Clinical Management of Neurosurgical Patients in ICUDr. Satyajit Dixit
DVT Prophylaxis in Trauma Patient - Current ConceptDr. Nitin JainDr. Anil Kulshrestha, Dr. Devendra Zala, Dr. Gaurav Pujara, Dr. Niraj Vasavada, Dr. Jayesh Patil, Dr. Hardik Dodia
Role of Interventional Radiology in DVTDr. Aakash Patel
Peri-Operative AKI: Prevention, Early Recognition & Supportive MeasuresDr. Mayank ShahDr. Viral Shah, Dr. Kirtipal Visana, Dr. Manish Hathila, Dr. Parul Bhatt, Dr. Kashyap Nananvati, Dr. M. M. Surti
ALBUMIN misuse in ICUDr. Ashit Hegde
AKI: Changing ScenarioDr. Arindam Kar
Oncologic EmergenciesDr. Bhavesh ParekhDr. Dharmesh Panchal, Dr. Abhishek Jain, Dr. Bhargav Maharaja, Dr. Bhavesh Oza, Dr. Ankit Thakkar, Dr. Aishwarya Raj
Infection associated HLHDr. Sushil Selvarajan
Acute Liver FailureDr. Alisha ChaubalDr. Anish Nagpal, Dr. Pratin Bhatt, Dr. Bhavin Bariya, Dr. Avinash Tank, Dr. Manisha Modi, Dr. Shreya Butala
Liver Transplant - Critical Care PerspectiveDr. Gaurav Chaubal
4th June 2023 Sunday
New Challenges COPD ManagementDr. Pankaj GulatiDr. Hardik Mehta, Dr. Harsha Makwana, Dr. Jayanr Chauhan, Dr, Ajay Prajapati, Dr. Nehal Sadhu, Dr. Anant Yada, Dr. Harendra Thakkar
How to Deal with Endotracheal CultureDr. Pradip Bhattacharya
Role of CT Thorax in ICUDr. Vidhi PrasadDr. Nilesh Bhatt, Dr. Haresh Udani, Dr. Urjita Modi, Dr. Manish Agrawal, Dr. Harshad Patel, Dr. Bhagirath Solanki
Role of Anticoagulants in Pulmonary EmbolismDr. Deepak Govil
Management of Recurrent Heart FailureDr. Shalin ThakoreDr. Apurva Madia, Dr. Gajanand Mohata, Dr. Sharad Dave, Dr. Mahesh Pandya
Tachyarrythmias in ICUDr. Zeeshan Mansuri
PIH and Acute Fatty Liver in PregnancyDr. Prakash ShastriDr. Juhi Patel, Dr. Dharmang Oza, Dr. G R Badlani, Dr. Nikul Prajapati, Dr. Bhupendra Shah, Dr. Sejal Shah
White Coat vs. Black CoatDr. Sukumar Mehta
Technology in ICUDr. Raj Rawal



Panel Discussions 

3rd June 2023 Saturday
Management of Invasive Fungal Infections in ICUDr. Atul PatelDr. Surabhi Madan, Dr. Swati Gohel, Dr. Vivek Dave, Dr. Nitesh Shah, Dr. Vipul Patel, Dr. Prakash Shastri
How to choose Antibiotic Therapy in ICUDr. Ashit HegdeDr. Mit Dharsandiya, Dr. Manoj Shevkani, Dr. Yogesh Vaghela, Dr. Kalpesh Shah, Dr. Gopal Raval, Dr. Vipul Thakkar
Targeting Timelines in Acute Ischaemic StrokeDr. Hetal ParikhDr. Tushit Mewada, Dr. Keyur Patel, Dr. Devshi Visana, Dr. Tejas Parikh, Dr. Gargey Sutaria
Trauma Resuscitation at ERDr. Arindam KarDr. Hasmukh Nagwadia, Dr. Anup Kerketta, Dr. Jatin Sanandia
Hemodialysis in ICUDr. Raj MandotDr. Kamal Goplani, Dr. Umesh Godani, Dr. Rimple Gupta, Dr. Vivek Joshi, Dr. Arindam Kar, Dr. Rachit Patel
End of Life Care in ICU - Myths & FactsDr. Pradip BhattacharyaDr. Maharshi Desai, Dr. Chirag Desai, Dr. Tejas Karmata, Dr. Vipul Parekh, Dr. Minesh Mehta, Dr. Pankaj Shah
Cadaveric Organ Donor ManagementDr. Aditya NanavatiDr. Dhiren Shah, Dr. Bhavin Vasavada, Dr. Himanshu Patel, Dr. Sankalp Vanzara, Dr. Jaimin Shah, Dr. Jigar Shrimali
4th June 2023 Sunday
ARDS Management - Case-Based DiscussionDr. Nitin JainDr. Darshan Shukla, Dr. Amrish Patel, Dr. Jay Kothari, Dr. Harjit Dumra, Dr. Abhishek Prajapati
Cardiogenic Shock ManagementDr. Deepak GovilDr. Rasesh Pothiwala, Dr. Anoop Gupta, Dr. Jit Brahmbhatt, Dr. Amol Agrawal, Dr. Raviraj Gohil, Dr. Samir Patel
Where are we at ECMO - Case-Based DiscussionDr. Sukumar MehtaDr. Dhaval Naik, Dr. Manoj Singh, Dr. Bhagyesh Shah, Dr. Bhavin Desai, Dr. Niren Bhavsar, Dr. Naman Shastri



Committee Members

Criticon Committee

Dr. Amit Prajapati

(Conference Chairman

Consultant Intensivist)

Dr. Minesh Mehta

(Scientific Chairman

Consultant Intensivist)

Cardiac Critical Care 

(Scientific Chairmen)

Dr. Sukumar Mehta

(Consultant Cardio Thoracic Surgeon)

Dr. Shalin Thakore

(Consultant Interventional Cardiologist)

Dr. Zeeshan Mansuri

(Consultant Interventional Cardiologist)

Nephro Critical Care 

(Scientific Chairmen)

Dr. Raj Mandot

(Consultant Nephrologist & Transplant Physician)

Dr. Mayank Shah

(Consultant Nephrologist & Transplant Physician)

Neuro Critical Care 

(Scientific Chairmen) 

Dr. Hetal Parikh

(Consultant Neurologist)

Dr. Satyajit Dixit

(Consultant Neuro Surgeon)

Dr. Harshil Shah

(Consultant Neuro Surgeon)

Trauma Critical Care 

(Scientific Chairmen)

Dr. Jatin Sanadia

(Consultant Ortho Trauma Surgeon)

Dr. Anup Karketta

(Consultant Ortho Trauma Surgeon)

Dr. Jayesh Patil

(Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon)

Infectious Disease Care

(Scientific Chairmen)

Dr. Sanket Mankad

(Consultant Infection Disease Specialist)

Dr. Falguni Iyer

(Consultant Physician)

GI & Liver Transplant Critical Care
(Scientific Chairmen)

Dr. Bhavin Vasavada

(Consultant Hepatobiliary & Liver Transplant Surgeon)

Dr. Aditya Nanavati

(Consultant Multi-organ Transplant & HPB Surgeon Global Hospital, Mumbai)

Dr. Gaurav Chaubal

(Consultant Hepatobiliary & 

Liver Transplant Surgeon

Global Hospital, Mumbai)

Dr. Anish Nagpal

(Consultant Bariatric & 

Minimal Access GI Surgeon)

Onco Critical Care
(Scientific Chairmen)

Dr. Bhavesh Parekh

(Consultant Onco Physician)

Dr. Dharmesh Panchal

(Consultant Onco Physician)

Dr. Abhishek Jain

(Consultant Breast and Thoracic Onco Surgeon)

Pulmonology Critical Care
(Scientific Chairmen)

Dr. Hardik Mehta

(Consultant Pulmonologist & Physician)

Dr. Nikita Rajguru

(Consultant Pulmonologist)

Dr. Ankit Chellani

(Consultant Physician)

Dr. Saurabh Vanzara

(Consultant Pulmonologist)



In association with
Association of Physicians of Ahmedabad

Dr. Anil Kulshreshta

(President, APA)

Dr. Aprurva Parekh

(Secretary, APA)

Dr. Nehal Sadhu

(Treasurer, APA)

ISCCM, Ahmedabad

Dr. Gopal Raval

(President, ISCCM)

Dr. Mehul Solanki

(Secretary, ISCCM)

Dr. Amrish Patel

(Treasurer, ISCCM)

Day 1

Critical Care specialists conducted a set of scientific programs on the first day of the ShalbyCon 2023 National Critical Care Conference. These sessions attracted over 1000 attendees, including intensivists, Surgeons, cardiologists, nephrologists, neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, oncologists, pulmonologists, and physicians. 

ShalbyCon 2023 National Critical Care Conference - An event that empowered Critical Care excellence!

GMC (Gujarat Medical Council) observers; Dr. Ruchit Patel and Dr. Bhupendra Shah were also present at the conference to monitor presentations, discussions, and interactions among healthcare professionals to ensure adherence to guidelines and regulations. 


Gala Dinner & Musical Night

The programs were followed by a Gala Dinner & Musical night which all the delegates and attendees enjoyed thoroughly. 

ShalbyCon 2023 National Critical Care Conference - An event that empowered Critical Care excellence!

Day 2

On day 2, panel discussions and scientific programs on critical care specialty happened which was followed by the valedictory function, lunch, and certification ceremony. 

ShalbyCon 2023 National Critical Care Conference - An event that empowered Critical Care excellence!

ShalbyCon 2023 National Critical Care Conference achieved resounding success with its rich scientific content, exceptional educational standards, and a diverse array of topics and esteemed committee members. 


Docthub played a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless onsite registration process, efficient crowd management, and the smooth execution of the certificate ceremony. We take great pride in being part of ShalbyCon 2023, as our involvement made a significant contribution to the triumph of this prestigious event.