Top 9 ways to Engage your Medical Conference Attendees

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Organizing a successful medical conference is a difficult task. Oftentimes the attendees get bored and lose interest in what is being discussed. Below are a few tips that ensure your attendees stay involved with you during the conference.

Mar 1
Saurabh Vyas
Product Manager -Docthub Events

Organizing a medical conference is one thing but making sure that your attendees stay engaged and the conference becomes successful is a totally different game. It is hard to make sure every attendee stays engaged but you can always plan something that works for most of the audience.

Organize Pre-event polls to know your audience better

Social media is the best tool to connect with any individual or a large group of audience. With the help of online polls, you can interact and know what your audience is interested in and what they would prefer. 

Introduce a small bio about the speakers

While communicating about the event you can also add a small bio about the speaker, that may give an idea about the guests to the attendees. When the attendees have an idea about the speaker, they’ll feel a sense of familiarity and will be able to interact and connect with the speakers more freely.

Introducing activities between lectures and presentations

Sitting in one place and consuming content in a singular communication method can be tiresome, you can introduce some fun activities between presentations to engage the audience. These kinds of interactions maybe some sort of quiz and knowledge-sharing activities.

Create a comfortable environment

Create a comfortable environment for chief guests and attendees. If the environment is very heavy there won’t be any scope of conversation. The more comfortable the environment the easier it’ll be for everyone to open up. 

Discuss case studies after the conference 

Let the attendees and speakers discuss the cases freely after the conference hours are over, this will help them to build more personal relations and give an in-depth touch rather than keeping only professional touch.

Arrange a Q&A round after the presentation

Try to arrange a round of question-answers after each presentation. Question-answers are a good way to help the attendees interact with the speakers. 

Harness Data to customize events

You can gather the required data from the attendees who are attending the event, use social media or physical questionnaires to get the required information to serve the delegates better. 

Meet experts and influencers

Meet different experts and influencers who usually organize or become a part of events, they can help you to understand the psychology of attendees and guide you through how you can make your event more engaging.

Spirit Day

Oftentimes attendees come from very far to attend medical conferences, and these conferences last longer than a day. To make the best of their trip, you can organize sightseeing/local food tasting or other similar activities which may help them to explore the city well. Spirit day can help them to recharge themselves for the next course. 

You can follow a step-by-step guide, to ensure the success of your event. Watch this video on our youtube channel to learn more about the 4 phases that you should keep in mind while organizing a medical conference

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