How to Choose the Best Online Registration Service Provider

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Effective registration systems are such an important component of technology that selecting the right one for your event has become key to its success. Regardless of the size of your event, there are several factors to consider when selecting a registration system.

Jan 28
Saurabh Vyas
Product Manager -Docthub Events

Effective Registration Systems are such a crucial aspect of technology and opting for an appropriate registration solution has become critical to the success of any kind of event. There are several aspects to consider when picking a registration system for your event, irrespective of the scale of the event. But what exactly is a registration system? 

A modern registration system enables an event organizer to receive and record attendee registrations. There are numerous options for registration systems. Some systems allow you to process registrations in the cloud and include a larger portion of the administrative work of the event organizer, while others allow you to process registrations in the cloud and send you sign-up receipts by email. There are event-specific registration systems available, as well as more generic options. 

Here are some of the aspects you should keep in mind before choosing an Online Registration Service Provider for your next event. 

Is there a mobile-friendly sign-up form in the registration service they offer? 

According to global statistics, mobile phones account for 52 percent of all online information searches. When someone is looking for events to participate in, they are almost certainly going to do so on their phone. According to studies, a non-mobile-friendly registration page can lose up to 30% of potential registrants. A mobile-friendly registration form has a design that adapts to the size of the screen on which it is presented, making it usable on computers, phones, and tablets. This means that you can register for classes from any device, no matter how big or small the screen is. 

Another advantage of using a mobile-friendly online sign-up form is that Google penalizes websites that aren't mobile-friendly by lowering their rank in mobile search results. This means that potential event attendees will visit your competitors' more mobile-friendly pages instead of your own. 

Is the registration system making it more likely for people to sign up? 

The design of your website's registration form can have a big impact on whether or not a website visitor converts and signs up for the event. Some sign-up systems feature prepared forms that can't be changed, while others let you make your changes and personalize them to fit your needs. 

It's easy to believe that services that allow you to be endlessly creative are the greatest, but this isn't always the case. The reason for this is that the registration form designers are experts in this sector and understand what kind of design encourages a potential event participant to sign up. 

Is it true that the registration service saves you time on administrative tasks? 

Would you prefer a solution that merely allows you to accept registrations from your website, or a complete event administration system that would increase registrations and save you time? You will be able to save a significant amount of time by using a complete event management dashboard with a built-in registration solution. Instead of collaborating with a variety of system providers and transferring participant data across several platforms, you can spend your time growing and improving other aspects of your event, such as the participant experience. 

Event Organizers who use several solutions to build calendars, registration forms, checklists, send emails and information, and manage attendees frequently have their workflow disrupted and their overall productivity reduced. Combining many solutions and systems into a single event administration solution will save time and be more user pleasant. You won't have to waste time updating the same information across many platforms, and you'll have more time to work smarter and more efficiently. 

Is the registration service provider appropriate for your company? 

It is critical when selecting a registration service provider that the functionality is appropriate for the event. In the case of registration systems, "one size fits all" does not apply. When it comes to registration services, quality should always take precedence over number. It's pointless to spend money on a service provider that offers a lot of extra features but isn't relevant to your event. Find a provider that offers all of the tools you'll need to run a successful event, and make sure they're of good quality. 

Additionally, ensure that the provider allows you to construct a registration form that matches the company's branding. Consistency in a brand's color theme improves its market identity and builds confidence, all of which are significant factors in turning a website visitor into an event audience. 

Does the registration service provider offer a good backend overview?

The ability to examine facts is essential for true comprehension. You can collect all of the relevant data in one place by employing a complete event administration system or dashboard with a built-in sign-up solution. This gives you crucial information that can help you improve the number of people who sign up for your event. The number of registrations for a given period and the sales value of those registrations, as well as which marketing initiatives lead to the most event registrations, are common statistics that you should be allowed to analyze with the help of your event registration service provider. 

What is the participant's impression of the registration system? 

It's easy to judge a registration system from the perspective of a registration service provider. However, it is critical to consider the solution from the standpoint of the attendees. How easy is it to use? Here are some questions to consider while self-examining the form:

  • Is the signup form appealing to you? 
  • Is it simple to figure out which fields to fill in? 
  • Is it possible for the participant to be certain that the registration form is secure? 
  • Will the participant be allowed to make a payment at the time of registration? 
  • Is the solution going to make the participant feel that they are being properly guided through the process? 

Does the registration process seem secure? 

When selecting a registration service provider, ensure that the form and solution behind it are secure and meet all legal criteria. The solution should also make it simple for you to comply with the guidelines maintained by the government. 

Because you're dealing with a lot of personal information in this sector, it's critical to pay attention to the security side. And due to the increasing cyber security crimes, it has become important to be more conscious of the security issues associated with the registration systems than they were previously. 

What level of service do you receive from the registration solution's provider? 

It's critical to have an online registration service provider that performs well when conducting the event. It's also crucial to have a support function in place so that maintenance and assistance may be offered as needed. As a result, while selecting a registration service provider, ensure that the company supplying it can provide you with excellent customer service. Can you get in touch with them without any trouble? How well do they understand common challenges faced by event organizers, and how adaptable are they? 

Conclusion: How to Select the Most Appropriate Registration Service Provider 

The best registration provider is the one that best meets your long-term aims and objectives and understands your niche. It should also give you the most flexibility possible, as well as the tools you'll need to raise the number of registrations and manage the attendees. 

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