8 Benefits of using an online registration for conference management

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In today’s digital world everything is available online. And for event or conference organizers this is the best thing that can happen. Online registration eliminates a lot of possibilities of errors and gives a hassle-free conference management experience to the attendees.

Apr 4
Saurabh Vyas
Product Manager - Docthub Events

Registering and conducting an entire event manually is a nightmare for any conference organizer. Thanks to the improved automated online systems, the organizers can now keep track of every detail of the event on a virtual platform. An increasing number of event organizers are now embracing online event registration facilities thanks to the ease the system provides. Online Registration System removes the manual work and saves your time so you can focus on more important things during an event.




An hour of planning can save you ten hours of doing it. Planning is important for every task, especially when a lot of factors are going to affect the final results. Event planners have to keep in mind hundreds and in some cases thousands of things before, during, and after conducting an event.

Online event registration platforms help to ease up the process by covering a lot of things that might need to be taken care of during an event. 


In the 21st century whoever owns the data owns the world. Data is everything. It is comparatively easy to collect data from the web and organized places, but it is next to impossible to gather data from unorganized places, this is where an online registration system helps. The system collects data and formats it into different categories so you can use it in any which manner you may need.



Time isn’t the main thing, it’s the only thing! Organizing and conducting huge workshops and conferences can drain a lot of time and require huge manpower which needs to be organized perfectly like a musical harmony. An online registration system can help to smoothly manage every task which can save many man-hours.



Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping a watch to save time. Marketing is very important to make the audience aware of events and conferences. It is very difficult to get a large number of people to your event without proper marketing. Online registration systems help in sending emails or SMS to people directly at no cost. This tactic helps to connect with the audience and gives them a personalized feel.


Easy to use

The new software and portals which are created in this space are focused to ease the burden of conference organizer. Organizing an event manually is a tough task, hence people prefer easy-to-use portals that provide loads and loads of features that are easy to use for anyone willing to organize an event.


Payment Integration

Imagine collecting cash or cheques from hundreds of people, keeping track of them, processing refunds, or paying them back in case they cancel their tickets. How tedious this entire process will be! Ready to use docthub.com payment gateways solve this issue by automatically processing incomes and cancellations along with details of each transaction.


Eco friendly

50% of a regular office’s waste is paper that goes to landfills. It is our duty to protect nature and reduce waste in any which way we can. The online Online registration platform provides an opportunity to cut down the use of paper by moving digitally. A lot of manual paperwork can be removed, which may help your organization save not only the cost but also help in contributing to a larger good.


All-in-one Dashboard

Online registration platforms provide a one-stop dashboard that can help to manage all the details at one stop with a single click. These kinds of dashboards can provide real-time reports, so at any given time you can access and know the current status of your event. The dashboard may also include various other features such as tracking expenses, contacting attendees, etc.


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