Top Features of a Ready to use Events Portal and What are they?

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Every event has a different kind of requirement, it is hard to catch up with every need that may arise in the future, the best we can do is plan it in advance. But managing multiple functions at the same moment might be very difficult, here is when a ready-to-use events portal helps you by taking all your worries and segregating every task at your fingertips.

Apr 4
Saurabh Vyas
Product Manager - Docthub Events

A ready-to-use events portal provides a user-friendly dashboard that helps the organizers to manage every activity digitally in one place. The portal facilitates anyone to create and manage the entire event flow while eliminating the errors caused by manual processes. Some portals also provide a dashboard that helps the organizers to gather, use and manage the event data without any manual hassle or paperwork.



The major advantage of a ready-to-use events portal is that it helps you to keep an eye on the entire event digitally. You can keep track of every aspect of the event in one place. 

Track Registrations

Manage and track the registrations of attendees. Get an early idea about the crowd to plan in advance.

Ticket management

Provide tickets for the conference/event to the attendees and manage admissions.

Manage invoices and summary

Get the summaries to quickly get an idea about the overall status and performance of the event. 

Manage payments

Manage the inflow and outflow of payments easily by keeping a digital track of every transaction. 


Make the process of submitting and segregating abstracts easy by turning them in online.

Details of exhibitors

Provide the entire details of the conference and exhibitors in one place to make your process easy. 


Create and distribute E-certificates to participants just with a single click.

Live reports

Get real-time reports of different categories before/on/after the event.

Send Invites

Get a shareable link of your event to circulate among your contacts and spread the word.

Schedule timeline

Schedule the timeline of your entire event with complete breakdowns.

Contact Management

Stay in touch with your attendees and other organizers by managing your contacts online with an advanced method.

Customer support

For any customer-centric service model, great customer support is important. So, you must be able to contact and ask for help from the customer support team.


There are multiple advantages of moving to a ready-to-use event portal as shown above. But there is always so much more to find when you actually use one. The world is evolving and so should you. Easing up a very complex process so you can give your precious time to other meaningful things is what inspired to come up with an enterprise dashboard.

Docthub provides an adaptable events dashboard that you can customize as per your need and take care of every small detail such as registrations/cancellations, receiving payments online, uploading and reviewing abstracts, and sending emails and SMS to the attendees, and much more. For more details visit