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Medical associations have many things to look after. They contribute heavily to society by spreading knowledge, organizing conferences, building communities and guiding the professionals. For a medical association to function properly, it needs to find a solution that comprises all the important features that will be required depending on the need.

May 11
Saurabh Vyas
Product Manager - Docthub Events

To ensure you select the best platform that suits your needs, select a platform that looks after all these features. 

All-in-one dashboard

The first and foremost feature of any enterprise solution to be instrumental for its users is to provide them with a dashboard that gives access to all the required information. A centralized dashboard can help to manage each and every task from one centralized panel. Docthub Association Management Solution can be one suitable choice as it is created with the healthcare fraternity.

Ready To Use Payment Gateway

Managing financial records and keeping the cash safe is a hassle. Since its inception in early 2000, the online payment facility has taken away a lot of burden from enterprises to maintain cash records and cash on hand. An ideal management solution must include the facility so that associations can receive online payment from their users.

Online Invoices

The associations need to provide GST compliant invoices to their members. A smart solution must be intelligent enough to calculate the appropriate value of GST, fill up the mandatory fields and deliver it to members directly by mail. 

Ex. Docthub

Subscription Management 

Provide different categories of subscriptions and trials, track them and increase your revenue by timely reminders. Automate the entire process including collections. Save your bookkeeping time.

Mobile friendly

The membership solution must be easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere easily. Look out for a platform that you can use from anywhere using your mobile phone. A user-friendly management solution can ensure you can perform the required tasks easily whenever required.

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Managing all the data in one place can benefit an association in multiple ways. A centralized facility that can handle all the functions is a must-have for any association. Docthub association management solution provides all these and much more. You can sign up for a free trial and see if it fits your requirements.