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Planning an event is a hectic task, filled with a lot of responsibilities and duties. One of the biggest issues that arise from time to time during organizing an event is when event planners rely on external entities rather than opting for an automated event platform.

May 11
Saurabh Vyas
Product Manager - Docthub Events

An automated event platform gives you the liberty to plan and execute your event in any which way you wish to. The newly found freedom can open doors towards many possibilities that you could not think of earlier. The registration platform plays a big part in making or breaking an event successful. If the organizers fail to give importance to the event registration platform, it may lead to a bad impression and a low number of attendees visiting the event. Below are some tips that can guide you on how you should go ahead with your event to prevent any mishap.

Find a suitable registration tool

Several things float around while organizing an event, you must ensure to take care of every aspect. First and foremost, find a suitable registration tool that can process any mode of payment and revert the payee with a confirmation once the payment is made. The tool should also be able to send the automated tickets/event passes to their email id. Also, make sure the platform you are opting for can be used from anywhere using a mobile phone, so you don’t have to rush to find a laptop or PC to access your account. 

Docthub Events Portal provides this service to medical associations and organizers to ease up their hassle.

Educate your attendee

Ensure that the attendees have a positive experience overall. To help the visitors understand the structure and standards of the event you can write an event description and can mention past events, the overall objective, what attendees will gain, and how it can be helpful in their careers. This will give the attendees clarity of what you are offering and what they can expect from you, since it is your event, you can convey the objectives better than a third-party event organizer.

Market your event

To turn the event into a success you must spread the word in the market. There are multiple methods to market your event, the most effective and cost-efficient being email marketing. You should send a personalized email to those whom you wish to invite and attend. Another effective and cost-efficient method of marketing includes social media. You can use it wisely to expand your reach and connect with more like-minded people.

Streamline payment process

We never know what method the attendee will be using to pay for the conference; hence you must set up a platform that supports all the major payment methods. It is a complex and expensive method; hence you can opt for ready-to-use payment gateways such as Docthub. An online payment gateway will be a paperless eco-friendly method that helps you to stay away from all the manual work. 

Improve onsite registration and seamless check-in 

A seamless check-in process can leave a good impact on your attendees and it can play a big role in their upcoming decision to attend the conference organized by you. Ensure that attendees get proper treatment and a seamless experience when they check in. You can set up a registration desk and add a QR Code check-in facility to ensure everything runs on the ground. 

If you plan smartly with the help of the right platform you can organize the event easily without any hassle. It is your event, so you understand the need and requirements better than anyone else. To get more information and a solution you can contact Docthub

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