How to Hire the right Doctors for your Hospital?

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The following article will help you find how to hire the best doctor for your hospital or clinic if you are looking to hire a physician.

Nov 23
Dr. Sandip Patel
Founder & CEO,


How to Hire the right Doctors for your Hospital

The Process to Hire the Right Doctor

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is to follow a process before deciding what you are looking for, a right process will help you to clear your doubts and help you at every stage of your hiring process. 


1. Make a list of the requirements

Write down the requirements of what you are looking for in a physician. Different sizes of hospitals and clinics have different types of requirements, and there is no one size that fits everyone. So you must write down what and how much you are expecting from the person that you are looking to hire.


2. Specialization and Experience

If you are running a multi-specialty hospital, you will be needing different specialists once in a while. It is better to specify the specialization and experience that you are looking for. Often times the recruiter gives a very generalized idea and hence they do not receive much attention from the potential candidates.


3. Keep an eye on the attrition rate

If you are running a hospital where the staff of doctors is quitting frequently, and you need to look for new physicians again and again, then try to find what is causing this issue. Retain the old physicians and try to address what is causing them to leave frequently. 


4. Average Salary

If you are looking for a good physician, you must be willing to offer a competitive salary that attracts them to join your hospital/clinic. The average salary of an MBBS doctor in India ranges between ₹50,000/- to ₹1,00,000/-  while the average salary of a specialized doctor MD/MS/DNB ranges from ₹80,000/- to ₹2,00,000/- depending on the experience, knowledge, place and institution. Salary transparency increases trust among the candidates to apply and encourages them to apply. 


5. Ranks

If you want to hire doctors but wish to review their performance before joining then you can offer internships to fresh graduates, here the candidates can learn and enhance their knowledge while you can review their performance and offer a permanent job to them. 


6. Online presence

Ensure you are active on social media and have a functioning website, a good online presence will provide candidates online visibility, so they can explore the place and see the benefits of joining your hospital.


7. Post on the right site

When it comes to posting online for healthcare professionals, a few things you should keep in mind. Since there used to be no dedicated platform up until now, the recruiters and the candidates are used to having common websites that have been used for all types of recruitment. 

These websites include, and the professional network on Linked In. You can use them to post a vacancy, however, these platforms are chargeable and require you to pay hefty fees to enlist your job. In order to save yourself from doing it, you can also use Docthub, it is an online platform dedicated to healthcare platforms, where you can post a vacancy for FREE in your trial period and reach out to the right candidate.
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8. Interview

Once you shortlist the candidates for an interview, you just need to follow the right lead and find which candidate suits perfectly as per your requirement. You need to verify their medical degree and check their medical proficiency.


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