What is a Medical Representative? A complete guide For 2024

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Medical representatives, also known as pharmaceutical sales representatives, work in the pharmaceutical industry. Their primary responsibility is to promote and sell pharmaceutical products to healthcare professionals, such as doctors, pharmacists, and hospitals. This blog will provide a complete overview of what a medical representative does and how to become one.

Apr 11
Dr Dhaval Kotadiya
Medical Administrator, BT Savani Kidney Hospital, Rajkot
What is a Medical Representative? A complete guide

What is a Medical Representative? 

Medical representatives, also known as medical sales representatives, promote and sell various medical products, including prescription medications, equipment, and other supplies, to healthcare facilities. Their primary objective is to make sure that medical facilities have access to the necessary medical supplies to provide quality healthcare to their patients.  

Additionally, medical representatives apply various marketing strategies to increase product awareness and promote their company’s products.  


Medical Representative Job: Role & Responsibility 

The following are the primary roles and responsibilities of a medical representative: 

  • Informing and presenting a new medical product to doctors and other healthcare professionals 
  • Maintaining appointments and meetings with medical professionals 
  • Influencing healthcare professionals to prescribe medication or use the equipment by using product information and knowledge.
  • Learning and understanding the needs of doctors and physicians 
  • Staying up-to-date on medical innovation 
  • Negotiating sales contracts and deeds 
  • Ensuring client satisfaction with medical products and maintaining a strong client relationship.
  •  Performing research on competitors to analyze the success and value of the product they are selling 
  • Crafting persuasive pitches that emphasize the value of their medical product to patients.
  • Conducting meetings with medical scientists to acquire specialized product knowledge
  • Following up with doctors to understand their feedback regarding the medical products.  


What is a medical representative salary? 

A medical representative’s salary in India can vary based on several factors such as the company they work for, their experience, the region they work in, and the products they are selling. However, here are some general pointers to give you an idea of the average salary range: 

  • The starting salary for a medical representative in India is usually around Rs 2.5-3 lakhs per annum. 
  • With experience, the salary can increase to Rs 5-8 lakhs per annum.   
  • Medical representatives who work for multinational companies may earn higher salaries compared to those who work for smaller Indian companies 
  • The region of the country can also impact ‌salary, with medical representatives in metropolitan cities earning more than those in smaller towns or rural areas. 
  • The products being sold can also impact the salary, with representatives of high-value pharmaceutical products earning more than those selling over-the-counter products. 


How to become a medical representative? Qualification of Medical Representative 

Medical representatives typically need to meet the following qualifications: 

  • Get a bachelor’s degree in biology, pharmacy, nursing, life sciences, or a related field. An MBA in healthcare or a master’s degree in business or life sciences can also be helpful. 
  • Choose a specialization in the medical field that interests you, such as medical equipment, medical devices, biotechnology, or pharmaceuticals. 
  • Consider enrolling in a certification course to increase your employment prospects and improve your knowledge. 
  • Develop your soft skills, such as communication, time management, flexibility, persuasion, and organization, to excel in your job.  
  • Gain field experience through paid or unpaid internships, shadowing a medical representative, or doing marketing or customer service for a medical facility or hospital. 
  • Complete training programs offered by pharmaceutical companies or medical institutes to learn about the latest trends and technology in the medical sector. 
  • Attend medical conferences and networking events to build a strong network with professionals in the medical industry and stay updated with the latest trends and technologies. Use social media to build your network. 


Skills of Medical Representatives 

Medical representatives need a variety of skills to succeed in their job. Some important skills include: 

  1. Communication: Medical representatives should be able to communicate clearly and effectively to explain complex medical information to healthcare professionals. They should also be able to communicate with their team and management. 
  2. Interpersonal skills: Medical representatives should be friendly and good at building relationships with healthcare professionals, as well as working well with their team. 
  3. Time management: They should be able to manage their schedule well since they have a busy schedule of appointments and meetings. 
  4. Flexibility: They should be adaptable and willing to adjust their schedule or approach based on the needs of healthcare professionals or changes in the market. 
  5. Persuasion: Medical representatives need to be convincing in persuading healthcare professionals to use their company’s products or services. 
  6. Organizational skills: Medical representatives should be organized and keep track of important information such as sales figures, appointments, and customer interactions. 
  7. Knowledge of the medical industry: They should understand the medical industry and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments. 
  8. Sales skills: Medical representatives should have good sales skills to promote their company’s products and services effectively. 
  9. Technical skills: Some medical representatives may need to use technical equipment or software, so technical skills may be required. 
  10. Customer service: Medical representatives should provide excellent customer service since their interactions with healthcare professionals can affect their opinion of the company they represent. 


Career Prospect: 

The pharmaceutical industry is growing and evolving, providing many opportunities for career growth and advancement for medical representatives. They can progress to more senior roles, such as regional or national sales manager, product manager, or marketing manager.  
Some medical representatives may also choose to specialize in a particular area, such as oncology, cardiovascular disease, or neurology, to become experts in that field. Specialization can lead to higher earnings and greater job security. 

The demand for medical representatives is expected to grow as the healthcare sector expands and new drugs and medical products are developed. The pharmaceutical industry is also relatively resilient to economic downturns, making it a stable career choice for those looking for long-term career prospects. 


In conclusion, medical representatives play a crucial role in the pharmaceutical industry. ‌The pharmaceutical industry provides many opportunities for career growth and advancement, and the demand for medical representatives is expected to grow.  


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1. What is the qualification of a medical representative? 

To become a medical representative, you need a bachelor’s degree in a related field like pharmacy, nursing, biology, or life sciences. A Master’s degree can enhance your candidacy for the role. 


2. Is a medical representative a good career? 

Becoming a medical representative can be a rewarding career for those interested in sales, marketing, and the healthcare industry. 


3. What are the 5 main qualities of a medical representative? 

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills 
  • Knowledge of the healthcare industry 
  • Sales and marketing abilities 
  • The ability to build and maintain relationships with clients 
  • Adaptability to changes in the industry 


4. What is the salary of MR in India? 

The salary of an MR in India with less than 1 year of experience to 8 years ranges from 2.5 Lakhs to 8 Lakhs. 


5. What is the duty of a medical representative? 

The primary duty of a medical representative is to promote and sell pharmaceutical products to healthcare professionals, build and maintain relationships with clients, and stay up-to-date on industry developments.