What is the Job Description of Staff Nurse ICU/ ICU Nurse? Salary, How to Apply?

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To be a successful Staff ICU Nurse a person has to have strong attention to detail and the ability to work under immense pressure. A person with a sheer passion for helping others can really enjoy this job and overcome the challenges that come their way. Here we can learn what is the Job description of an ICU-Staff Nurse.

Jan 5
Aziz Tuta
Talent Acquisition Specialist


Who is the Staff Nurse?

A staff nurse plays an essential role in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The nurse has to take care of multiple things to provide high-quality medical care to the patients. They collaborate closely with other healthcare professionals so the patients can receive the best care. 

The primary responsibilities of an ICU Nurse include: 

Nursing Procedures: 

Providing care to patients by administering medications and treatments, monitoring patients’ vitals, IV cannulations, Ryle’s tube insertion, Urinary catheterization, ABG blood sample collection, and looking after the overall health of the patients. 

Patient Counselling:  

Counseling patients for medication, health advisory, providing information related to disease & treatment, and helping in daily activities. 

Assisting the Doctor: 

Assisting the Doctor with Central Line insertion, Endotracheal Intubation, etc. 


Collaborate with other healthcare professionals such as doctors and physical therapists to communicate information related to the latest condition of the patient. Coordinating with the Doctor for treatment protocols, medication orders and clinical instructions.  

Monitoring patients: 

Monitoring patients' health and keeping an eye on different healthcare tools such as Multipara monitor, Ventilator, Dialysis, Bi-PAP, Central line Catheters, Femoral catheter, etc.  


Maintaining patient clinical records, taking the history of patients, record keeping, reports collection & filling, maintaining patient ICU monitoring charts, treatment sheets, etc.  

Salary of ICU Staff Nurse 

The average salary of an ICU staff Nurse ranges between ₹18,000/- to ₹35,000/- You can be paid more or less compared to your experience, organization, the city that you are living in, etc. 

How to find ICU Nursing Jobs 

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