Top 5 Industries Hiring Nurses Right Now

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As a nurse in the healthcare industry, you possess highly sought-after skills, and the demand for registered nurses (RNs) in various nursing job roles is projected to increase significantly in the coming years. While hospitals and medical centers have traditionally been the primary employers for nurses, there are exciting and well-paying job opportunities available in diverse industries.

Jun 21
Dr Raj Patel
Uro-oncologist & Robotic Surgeon, Zydus Cancer Centre, Ahmedabad
Top 5 Industries Hiring Nurses Right Now

In this blog, we will explore the top five non-healthcare industries actively seeking nurses, including accounting, electronic markets, oil and gas extraction, insurance, and engineering services. 


We'll learn the different types of nursing jobs, discuss the best nursing jobs and the highest-paid nurses in these industries, and provide insights into the nursing job vacanciesonline nursing job opportunities, and student nurse jobs. Additionally, we'll highlight the relevance of nursing skills in the broader.

By exploring these non-traditional nursing career paths, nurses can broaden their horizons and discover new avenues to apply their expertise, making a significant impact beyond the traditional healthcare setting.

1.   Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Services: In this industry, nurses can contribute their healthcare expertise to accounting firms seeking insights on best practices. They may work as clinical auditors, ensuring compliance and analyzing medical expenses. With additional education in accounting or bookkeeping principles, nurses can excel in these positions. The average annual wage for nurses in this industry is $92,840, providing excellent earning potential.


2.   Wholesale Electronic Markets and Agents/Brokers: While nursing may not seem directly related to electronic markets, nurses in this industry often occupy occupational health roles. They focus on workplace safety, accident prevention, and employee well-being. 


3.   Oil and Gas Extraction: Despite being a niche field, the oil and gas extraction industry employs nurses in various medical positions. Occupational health and direct clinical care roles are common, ensuring the well-being of workers in physically demanding and high-risk environments. 


4.   Insurance and Employee Benefit Funds: Nurses play a crucial role in the insurance industry, leveraging their healthcare knowledge to fine-tune insurance policies and processes. They work as analysts, designing and analyzing benefits packages, and may also collaborate with case managers or serve as front-line providers performing insurance physicals. 


5.   Engineering Services: Nurses find employment in the engineering sector, particularly in roles related to occupational health, direct clinical care, and health and safety engineering. Their expertise as in-house consulting experts contributes to improving care and ensuring the well-being of employees in industrial, chemical, and petroleum engineering settings.



Exploring Job Opportunities and Navigating Nursing Interviews

In the competitive field of nursing, securing job opportunities and excelling in nursing interviews are pivotal steps for career advancement. As demand for nurses continues to grow, various industries are actively seeking qualified RNs. 


Whether it's healthcare institutions, research organizations, educational institutions, pharmaceutical companies, or government agencies, the nursing profession offers a wide range of job opportunities


To succeed in interviews, nurses must be well-prepared with comprehensive nursing interview questions and answers that demonstrate their expertise, dedication, and passion for the nursing profession. By embracing these opportunities and showcasing their skills, nurses can navigate their way to a successful and fulfilling career.


The demand for nurses extends beyond traditional healthcare settings, offering a wide array of career options and competitive salaries. From occupational health positions to roles in accounting, electronic markets, and more, nurses can explore diverse job opportunities and rewarding career paths.


Discover the types of nurses and salaries as your career options from





What are some common specialties within nursing?

Some common specialties within nursing include pediatric nursing, critical care nursing, psychiatric nursing, geriatric nursing, and surgical nursing.


How do I find nursing job openings?

You can find nursing job openings in different specialties such as surgical nursing, pediatric nursing, critical care nursing, etc. on


What are the different shifts and schedules for nurses?

Nurses typically work a variety of shifts and schedules, including day shifts, night shifts, evening shifts, weekends, and holidays, and may also have the option of choosing part-time or full-time positions based on their preferences and the needs of their healthcare facility.


How can I gain experience as a new graduate nurse?

As a new graduate nurse, you can gain experience by seeking out internships, externships, or residency programs offered by hospitals or healthcare organizations, volunteering in healthcare settings, participating in specialized training programs, attending workshops or conferences, and networking with experienced nurses to learn and grow in their nursing practice.


What are the job prospects for nurses in different healthcare settings?

Nurses have promising job prospects in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, home health agencies, schools, community health centers, and specialty practices, as the demand for healthcare services continues to grow and diversify.