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A doctor is someone who has earned a medical degree and works to help patients by maintaining and restoring their health. They perform diagnoses and treat illnesses, injuries and other medical conditions of patients.

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Definition of a doctor

The profession of a doctor is perhaps the most respected profession of all. Known to be a lifesaver, a doctor helps every individual to live a better life by curing the illness they suffer from. They work tirelessly without looking at their watch, the emergency does not have a fixed schedule and so they have to be prepared at any hour to take up a challenge.

What does a doctor do?

Throughout our lifespan, we visit doctors on every incident related to our health. Becoming a doctor is a tough job, you need to study hard for a number of years to become a doctor. It is one of the most respected professions and it requires the utmost level of sincerity and in-depth knowledge to reach the right conclusion.

What are the duties of a doctor?

Doctors have multiple job roles other than just prescribing medicines. Their duties include taking care of a number of things as given below.

  • Listen and understand the medical condition of patients
  • Access the symptoms
  • Diagnose the illness
  • Prescribe the medication and treatment
  • Perform general examinations such as blood tests
  • Provide follow-up treatments
  • Collaborate with other health professionals such as nurses
  • Maintain records
  • Promote healthy living among patients

Specialized fields of doctors

General physician:

A physician is one whose practice is not limited by any one specialty. They possess knowledge of every specialty and ensure the well-being of every patient. A general physician uses his knowledge to examine people of every age.


A Pediatrician is a doctor who looks after the medical condition of babies and children. A pediatrician diagnoses and treats a child’s illness, injuries or any other health-related problem and ensures that the child is getting the required nutrition.

Orthopedic Surgeon:

An orthopedic surgeon is responsible for diagnosing and treating injuries and diseases related to the body’s musculoskeletal system. The orthopedic surgeon looks after the bones, joints, ligaments and muscles of our body.


A Psychiatrist diagnoses and treats the mental disorders of the patients using medication. The common conditions psychiatrist treats are insomnia, anxiety and depression.

ENT Specialist:

An ENT Specialist diagnoses and treats medical disorders related to Ears, Nose & Throat. They look after our functionality of hearing, swallowing, speech, breathing, etc. An ENT Specialist also looks after sinus, head and neck cancer and other surgeries related to the face.

Medicine is a very vast field and there are multiple other specialties of doctors. You need to study depending on what you want to become.

Is it hard to become a doctor?

This is a tricky question, there is no answer that can define it in yes or no, you can learn a few things before jumping into this career to determine if becoming a doctor is your cup of tea.

The first thing to know is that it is a long journey. First, you need to get good grades and secure your admission for MBBS and then after finishing 5.5 years of MBBS you need to find and secure your admission in MD, MS, DNB or Diploma if you want to continue the clinical practice. You need to spend a lot of your time studying and learning about different medicines during your college years.

The cost of becoming a doctor in India

The fees of MBBS in India vary from institute to institute. Per year charge for government colleges stand between ₹20,000/- to ₹7,50,000/- while studying MBBS in private institutes can cost you around ₹5,00,000/- to ₹ 30,00,000/- depending on the college.

How to become a doctor?

The eligibility and the steps for becoming a doctor in India are as follows

  • Complete your senior secondary education
  • Appear for NEET-UG
  • Clear NEET-UG with the required score and secure your admission
  • Study MBBS
  • Complete your internship
  • Register with the Indian Medical Register
  • You can begin practicing as a doctor or go for MD, MS, DNB or any other speciality courses.

Skills required to become a doctor

To become a doctor, you require multiple skills which range from technical skills to soft skills, which gives you an edge to get the right

Technical Skills

Diagnosing skills:

To be able to understand the condition of the patient and prescribe the right medication.

Physical examination skills:

To conduct physical examination if and when required

Analytical skills:

To be able to understand the lab results and proceed further 

Soft Skills


To be able to understand the condition of the patient and help with a treatment that can resolve it.


To communicate with the patient and help him and his family understand the medical condition better.

Attention to detail:

There is no scope for error, a small error can be fatal sometimes.


To mentor the hospital administrative staff and juniors during many conditions.

Average Salary of a Doctor

The salary of a doctor depends on their specialization, experience and qualifications. For example, the average starting salary of an MBBS graduate can be somewhere around 50k-60k per month while an MD physician’s average starting salary can range around 80k-90k per month. These salaries grow depending on an individual’s talent, and the hospital or institution they are working with.

Top 10 Doctor career options in India

Doctors can work in big hospital chains or continue a private practice if that suits them well, depending upon their choice. There are many different types of job roles doctors can take after finishing their studies. The earnings of a doctor change from place to place, so we can consider an average for a calculation.

PositionAverage Salary (Per Annum)
Neurologist28 Lakh
Cardiac Surgeon24 Lakh
Gastroenterologist20 Lakh
Nephrologist18 Lakh
Oncologist16 Lakh
Gynecologist15 Lakh
Urologist15 Lakh
Anesthesiologist-15 Lakh
Orthopedic Surgeon12 Lakh
Radiologist12 Lakh

There are numerous opportunities in the healthcare career and surely you can earn a handsome package once you become a doctor. If you are looking for a job in the healthcare industry you can find a suitable job on