Top 10 Countries with Highest Salary for Nurses 2024

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Nurses are indispensable in healthcare, providing patient care across various settings. To help you with the question of which country is best for nursing jobs, we've compiled a list of the top 10 highest-paying countries for nurses. These rankings are based on annual income figures from the Economic Research Institute (ERI).

Oct 11
Dr Disha Patel
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Top 10 Countries with Highest Salary for Nurses

Nursing practitioners are crucial in healthcare, covering everything from patient care to advocacy and research. Here are the best country for nursing salary worldwide and identified the countries that offer the highest nursing salaries. 

Nursing is both a fulfilling and well-compensated profession, making it an attractive career choice globally. Whether you're seeking the highest-paying country for nurses, or simply the best country for nurses to work and live, this blog has you covered.


Top 10 Highest Paying Country for Nurses

1. Switzerland

Switzerland is renowned for offering some of the world's highest nursing salaries. While the average take-home pay for a registered nurse in Switzerland is indeed substantial, it's vital to consider the nation's notoriously high cost of living. 

Nursing professionals in Switzerland earn an average income of $87,383 per year. 

Fluency in one of the national languages (Italian, French, or German) is a non-negotiable requirement for foreign nurses seeking employment in the country, as determined by the Swiss Red Cross. Although some hospitals may indicate that English is acceptable, it doesn't meet the governing board's criteria for approval. 

Additionally, nurses must complete a six-month apprenticeship, offering paid opportunities, albeit with a lower salary than typical nursing positions. Switzerland's demand for nurses, excellent working conditions, and substantial wages make it an attractive destination for nursing professionals.


2. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is an attractive destination for nurses due to its high nursing salaries, although the cost of living is also notably high. The nation boasts a well-structured healthcare system, ensuring a steady demand for nursing professionals, particularly in specialized and geriatric care. 

The competitive salaries and high living standards in Luxembourg offer nurses a lucrative and rewarding career. 

However, landing a nursing job in this tiny Western European country can be challenging, as openings are rare and competition is fierce. 

Proficiency in either French, German, or Luxembourgish is a must for international nurses, as linguistic skills are rigorously assessed. 

To work in Luxembourg as a nurse, you must apply through the Ministry of Health and obtain the necessary visa.


3. Denmark

Denmark consistently ranks among the best countries for nurses due to its high quality of life, excellent work conditions, and competitive wages. 

Nurses in Denmark have additional benefits like paid vacation and sick days, free health insurance, and retirement planning. 

The Danish healthcare system is globally renowned, emphasizing patient care quality. Nursing practitioners are attracted to Denmark for its work-life balance and career growth opportunities.

For non-EU citizens applying for nursing licensure, the Danish Patient Safety Authority manages the process. Various pathways exist based on applicants' origins, but Danish law prohibits nurses over 75 from practicing, with rare exceptions based on health and skills. 

The application process includes document submissions and a rigorous language exam, with successful candidates given three years to fulfill the remaining requirements for permanent licensure, including clinical skills assessments.

4. Virgin Islands

If you're seeking a serene island life with excellent nursing salaries, the Virgin Islands are an ideal choice. Nurses here start with a comfortable yearly salary, alongside extra perks like free housing and travel expenses. 

The islands, particularly St. Croix, offer a relaxed atmosphere with beautiful beaches and warm weather. To work in the Virgin Islands, you'll go through the Virgin Islands Board of Nurse Licensure (VIBNL). The process involves submitting an application packet, license verification, transcripts, course details, a $125 fee, and recommendation letters. 

Nurses must also pass the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools Exam, and the entire verification process typically takes a minimum of 90 business days.


5. Australia

Australia is a top choice for nurses due to its high salaries and exceptional living standards. The country's aging population and increasing life expectancy create a constant demand for nurses. 

With lucrative wages and a respected profession, nursing is highly valued in Australia, with a growing number of practitioners. Technology may evolve, but nursing remains a hands-on, indispensable role. 

With English as the national language and no language barrier, it's an attractive destination. 

However, securing a visa and AHPRA registration can take several months, making it advisable to work with international agencies familiar with the process.


6. Dubai

Dubai, known for its opulence, has recently increased salaries for foreign nurses. 

Some hospitals in Dubai offer compensation similar to the United States, especially for American nurses. The best part? Income is tax-free, and healthcare is universally provided, meaning nurses take home their entire paycheck. 

However, Dubai has stricter contract requirements; nurses usually live in hospital-provided accommodations and sign a minimum one-year contract. Respect for local customs is essential, especially considering the conservative Muslim culture. 

While tourists don't need a visa, relocating nurses require an employment visa, a process that can take at least three months. Contracts can be single or married status, with different rules for family members.


7. Canada

Canada is a top destination for nursing salaries, with an aging population and high demand for nurses in provinces like Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta, and Manitoba. 

The country offers universal healthcare and proximity to the United States, making it an ideal choice for international nursing. 

English as the primary language eases the transition. However, nursing in Canada varies by province or territory, each with its own regulatory body. International applicants must go through background checks, interviews, and an exam, with costs starting at $340. The registration process takes 3-18 months, and a work visa is necessary, and obtainable after credentialing.


8. Norway

In Norway, nurses have a high standard of living. This socially progressive country offers a well-performing healthcare system, ensuring job satisfaction for nurses. As the population ages, the demand for healthcare professionals continues to rise. 

To apply for nursing in Norway, you must go through The Norwegian Registration Authority for Health Personnel (SAK), a process that takes around 11 months and costs about $350 for non-EU/EEA residents. Applicants may need to submit additional paperwork in person at the main office in Norway. U.S.-educated nurses must provide transcripts to The Norwegian Directorate of Health and pass a Norwegian language examination, with online courses available for foreigners. 

Additionally, most international nurses must complete a one-year training program before obtaining licensure.


9. Ireland

Ireland has become an appealing destination for English-speaking nurses, offering a good salary package. The country's economy has diversified, attracting young professionals with opportunities. 

Nurses can work in either the government-funded public sector or the growing private sector, overseen by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI). 

To practice in Ireland, nurses must register with the NMBI and complete an online information packet, background check, fingerprinting, and an English proficiency exam. 

An employment visa is a requirement, and applicants should not seek job positions until certification from the Board is obtained. Some may also undergo "adaptation and assessment" through supervised placements in Irish healthcare facilities.


10. Italy

Italy, facing a nursing shortage, has specific requirements for foreign nurses. To work in a country where English isn't the primary language, nurses must undergo a language proficiency exam. 

In Italy, this includes the Italian Nursing Board exam. Furthermore, sponsorship by an Italian hospital is necessary to obtain a nursing license. Once these steps are completed, a work visa must be obtained through the Italian Embassy. 

Some major cities like Rome, Florence, and Milan have English-speaking hospitals, but it's unclear whether nurses in these hospitals must pass the language exam. 

For more information, resources like Collegio Infermieri La Spezia and Federazione Nazionale Ordini Professioni Infermieristiche offer insights, albeit primarily in Italian, with translation options.

The nursing profession is undeniably rewarding and in high demand worldwide. Nurses are the backbone of healthcare, offering exceptional care to patients. offers high-quality nursing courses so you can begin your nursing career abroad and enjoy a higher quality of life.




1. Which country is best for BSc nursing?

One of the best countries for BSc nursing is Switzerland followed by Luxembourg, Denmark, and Virgin Islands.


2. What is the salary of a BSC nurse per month in India?

The average salary of a BSc nurse is 2.5 LPA - 3 LPA i.e. 20,000 - 25,000 per month in India.


3. Which country is better for nurses Canada or the USA?

Both Canada and the USA offer excellent opportunities for nurses, with Canada often providing a higher quality of life and universal healthcare, while the USA may offer higher salaries in some regions but comes with a more complex healthcare system and varying working conditions depending on the state.


4. What is the salary of a BSc nurse in a government job in India?

The average salary of a BSc nurse in a government job in India is 3.5 LPA - 4.5 LPA.


5. Is it better to be a nurse in the UK or the USA?

The choice between being a nurse in the UK or the USA depends on your preferences, with the UK offering a nationalized healthcare system, shorter work hours, and more vacation time, while the USA may provide higher salaries in some areas and greater career advancement opportunities.