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The interview procedure is one of the significant adjustments that many people now have to deal with. Many firms now conduct video interviews to seek applicants. It's comparable to a face-to-face interview, with the only exception that when answering questions online, the candidate is given a time limit

Feb 2
Akash Thakkar
Director of Information and Technology -Healthcare

To many people, the term "new normal" denotes different things. We have to relearn how to perform simple things in all sectors of life, and business is no exception. The typical interview procedure is one of the significant adjustments that many people must deal with.

Many firms now conduct video interviews to seek applicants. This video communication is beneficial to both businesses and job seekers. The candidate must be informed that a video interview will be conducted. All that is required is a webcam; the employers will supply a link; the participant must log in to the account, read the directions attentively, and comprehend the process of facing the video job interview. It's comparable to a face-to-face interview, with the exception that when answering questions online, the candidate will be given a time limit and must complete it within that time. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of video interviews. 

Advantages of Video Interviews 

The biggest benefit of a video interview is that the company does not have to worry about setting up a location or managing personnel. For a corporation that has to do a brief drive, this is a cost-effective option. It saves time for both the recruiter and the applicant because the interview can be conducted in a network feasible region without the need to travel. Additionally, the candidate's responses can be recorded and reviewed later for future reference. It will also make it easier to filter competent individuals with reliable results with the least amount of work. A company in the United States can screen an Indian candidate regardless of time constraints. It will offer opportunities to suitable candidates without any deception. 

Shortening the screening process cycle time

A video interview can be used to screen an applicant. The organizers can send out emails to all of the eligible candidates at once, requesting that they complete the online screening test, in which the candidates answer the questions that are displayed on the screen. This will allow the recruiters to conduct multiple candidate interviews at once, as well as check the names of the candidates who passed the online video test. 

It also permits candidates who are already employed by an organization and do not have the time to come to the venue and provide an interview to attend other interviews. 

Potential applicants are hired

Many job searchers, particularly freshers, are apprehensive about face-to-face interviews. A video job interview will allow candidates to answer questions more comfortably and present themselves to recruiters in a more professional manner. It will also provide candidates with a basic understanding of how interviews are conducted outside so that when they attend a face-to-face interview in the future, they will feel more at ease and improve. This experience is beneficial to both newcomers and experienced candidates. Many people are aware of how to use social media and networking since they are more prone to it. 

A procedure that saves time

Many people will apply for the same job all around the world. It is difficult for employers to choose the best candidate for the position; nevertheless, this video interview will allow the recruiter to compare and replay the candidates who are near to the job, allowing them to choose the best among them. 

In a personal interview, it is impossible to repeat the applicant's responses. Many interviews can be held at once in many locations, and neither the organizers nor the candidates need to travel for each interview. The amount of time it takes to screen an applicant will be cut in half. Because everyone's time is so valuable these days, something like this will truly assist them to finish their tasks. 

Appearance and body language

Employers pay attention to the applicant's communication abilities as well as his or her body language. Similar to a traditional personal interview, interviewers can evaluate the prospect more closely to see if he or she meets corporate requirements and will be able to contribute to the corporation. 

There would be no danger of cheating or other unlawful acts because the formal interview will be followed by a video interview. A video interview can capture everything from the way you dress to your eye contact. Observing the candidate's talents for a brief period generates recordable observation. They assess the level of commitment to the task. 

Benefits of Remote Jobs  

If you're looking for part-time or online work, this video job interview is ideal because it allows the organizer to assess not just the applicant's talents but also his or her internet competence. 

To sit and make money, one might apply for a job online and do a video interview. It is the most recent trend among job seekers. A video conference can also be used to demonstrate one's abilities to work for another location. Because the times of someone in another state may differ, they can schedule a call and a meeting whenever it is convenient for both parties. 

Disadvantages of Video Interviews: 

Applicants may encounter fraudulent recruiters who request that they attend an interview via video call; this could be a waste of time and money for the prospect. It can lead to a slew of problems unless it is a reliable interview call. A job seeker may also miss out on an excellent opportunity due to technological challenges. 

They may not be able to do a video interview since they do not have a compatible gadget, thus they may not show up for the interview. They may not be able to convert the opportunity into a job due to a lack of expertise regarding video calls. Here are a few instances in which a video job interview is not the best option. 

Network Issues

A major disadvantage of video interviews is network connectivity issues; if the candidate is located in a remote location, it may be difficult for him or her to answer the questions, and the call may be disconnected; recruiters may not spend time in such cases, and the candidate will be disqualified, even if he or she has exceptional abilities and skills. This is the key difference between an in-person interview and a video call interview: one cannot be rejected simply because of a technological fault. With these types of interviews, the applicants will lose confidence. 

Picture Quality

If a candidate uses an application for a video call that has poor picture quality, the candidate will be eliminated from the selection process. Some jobs require appeal and presentation, and it is important to look good. Not only does image quality matter, but the environment does as well. Dim light can detract from a candidate's appearance and make them appear dull in the video. 

Because of the poor quality of the call, it may disrupt the conversation with the employer. When it comes to a personal interview, the candidate would be themselves, and the odds of rejection because of reasons like these are lower than with a video call interview. 

Issues with the gadget

The device must be capable of supporting a video conference interview. When the candidate is through with his task, he must instantly respond to the recruiter's query; if the microphone does not work properly during the call, the job is lost; in less time, one must demonstrate his or her abilities.

The interview will be completed after it is determined that there is a device problem, and employers will not accept excuses. As a result, the gadget or system must be in excellent working order to attend this form of an interview. The procedure will not be successful until and until the participants have a nice conversation. 

Time Limit

During a screening process, a candidate will be given a set amount of time; this means that the participant should begin the test in the designated time slot. If there is any delay in logging on to the system or accessing the websites, the time allotted for the test will expire, and the applicant may be unable to take the test; therefore, one should begin early to finish it on time. 

Spending a lot of time learning about the alternatives available will take time, and this is the main disadvantage of video call interviews; one must be able to comprehend and operate it quickly. 

Not trustworthy

A few companies will try to extort money from candidates by falsely claiming that they will provide an opportunity to their association in exchange for a small fee; it is preferable to check and meet the organization in person and thoroughly research it before involving it; there are many opportunities to meet fraud people and arrange for the interview. It is preferable to go with a regular hiring method for a few companies and ensure that the path being offered is the proper one. 

To summarize, as technology advances, there is no harm in employing it after gaining a thorough understanding and analysis of the organization and process, which will save both employers and employees time. To seize possibilities in today's competitive world, one must be exposed to such video call interviews to improve and demonstrate abilities in the larger picture. Those who wish to realize their ambitions can take advantage of this facility to secure their future. 

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