Which is the best course after MBBS without a PG entrance?

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The best course a medical graduate can pursue after MBBS without a PG entrance is FELLOWSHIP. The MBBS graduates have a variety of career options in different clinical as well as non-clinical specializations where a medical PG entrance exam is not required. In the post-pandemic era, healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries, it will require a workforce with different skill sets other than doctors.

Mar 2
Dr Sandip Patel
Founder & CEO, Docthub
Which is the best course after MBBS without a PG entrance?

Usually, graduates opt for the medical pg entrance exam after completing MBBS to secure their admission into MD/ MS/ DNB/ Diploma courses in different postgraduate specializations, but NOT everyone is getting a pg seat, the limited availability of seats is making it difficult for everyone to follow the traditional path. If you are not interested in following this path then there are different fellowships which give you opportunities in clinical practice without giving an entrance exam.


Who should opt for a fellowship after MBBS?

  • If you have given multiple attempts of the entrance exam
  • If you don't wish to appear for such entrance exam
  • If you are working as a Medical Officer after MBBS and looking for clinical practice options
  • After a few years of General Physician practice, if you are looking for specialty practice


What are clinical fellowship options after MBBS?


What Non-clinical career options after MBBS?

  1. Hospital Administration
  2. Public Health
  3. Clinical Research
  4. Medical Adviser in Pharmaceuticals
  5. Bio-Design
  6. Medical Science & Technology
  7. Medical Writer/ Journalism

Can I go for any fellowship without giving an entrance?

Yes, most of the fellowships are offered by hospitals where you need to send your application/CV/reference to secure your fellowship position. In some cases, you might have to go through a verbal interview but in most cases, there won’t be any entrance exam.


Do I get any stipend during the fellowship?

Since fellowship is focused more towards developing and advancing your skills you get to learn during the fellowship more than earning monetarily. As a fellow, you get paid an average between ₹25,000 - ₹50,000 during your fellowship period depending upon the city, institute, and your choice of specialty.


Where can I apply for a Fellowship?

Docthub is a centralized platform where you can find different types of fellowships all across the country and apply to them directly. If you are looking for colleges and institutes where you can apply after your MBBS then click here.