What is DMLT Course? DMLT Course after 12th, Salary, Fees & DMLT Course Details

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DMLT, or Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology, is a 2-year course that centers on clinical lab tests used to diagnose and treat illnesses. Students can work as Medical Technicians, Lab Technicians, Pathology Technicians, and Medical Writers in public and private healthcare settings.

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What is DMLT Course? DMLT Course after 12th, Salary, Fees & DMLT Course Details

DMLT course details cover various aspects of laboratory procedures, including prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases through clinical lab tests. Throughout the 2-year program, students acquire the knowledge and skills required to conduct various lab tests and analyze the results effectively.

The DMLT course is highly recommended for students interested in pursuing a career in the medical field. After completing the course, graduates can work in hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centers to help diagnose and treat diseases effectively.


What is DMLT Course?

A Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT) is a two-year paramedical course that focuses on diagnosing and treating various illnesses through clinical lab tests. It involves analyzing human fluids like urine, blood, peritoneal fluid, and pericardial fluid to identify diseases.

The DMLT course covers essential subjects such as biochemistry, pathology, blood banking, and microbiology. Students also learn to operate lab equipment such as CT Scan machines, X-ray machines, and MRI machines. The program provides hands-on experience in conducting various lab tests needed for disease diagnosis.


DMLT full form stands for "Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology." The course is designed to train lab professionals who can work in hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centers. It equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to identify diseases through lab tests and analyze the results. This program is beneficial for students who wish to pursue a medical career and contribute to the healthcare industry.


Who can do DMLT Course?

  • Aspiring candidates interested in a career in Paramedical should consider pursuing a DMLT degree. DMLT offers a great opportunity for students who find it tough to get into an MBBS program.
  • Students interested in investigating, diagnosing, and treating various health problems, can choose DMLT as a career. You can choose a suitable specialization that matches your interests and build a bright career in your preferred profession.
  • DMLT course after 12th and DMLT course after 10th are available for students at different educational levels to embark on their journey towards a fulfilling career in the medical domain.


DMLT Course Eligibility

To be eligible for this course, students need to have certain DMLT course qualifications:

1. Educational Qualification: Students must have completed their 10+2 education with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as mandatory subjects.

2. Age Limit: The minimum age requirement for the DMLT course is 17 years, and there is no upper age limit.

3. Percentage of Marks: Students should have achieved a minimum of 45% to 50% marks in their 10+2 or equivalent examination, depending on the institution.

4. Entrance Exams: Some institutes may conduct entrance exams for admission to the DMLT course.

5. Medical Fitness: Students must be medically fit and pass a medical examination conducted by the institution.


Additionally, some institutes might also offer the program to students who have passed their 10th (SSC) with 50%, and students awaiting their Higher Secondary Exam (HSC) results can also apply for the DMLT course.


DMLT Course: Fees

The fees for DMLT courses can vary depending on the institution, course duration, and location. 

DMLT course fees range from Rs 20,000 to Rs 1,50,000. Apart from tuition fees, there might be other expenses like laboratory fees, examination fees, and other miscellaneous charges. 

The DMLT course fees in government colleges are generally more affordable than the DMLT course fees in private colleges.


DMLT Course Admission Process

The admission process for DMLT courses generally follows these steps:

1. Check eligibility: Students must ensure they meet the institution's eligibility criteria, usually requiring completion of 10+2 in the Science stream with Biology.

2. Entrance Exam: Some institutes conduct entrance exams, and candidates need to score the minimum qualifying marks.

3. Fill out the application form: Students should complete the application form with personal details and educational qualifications.

4. Selection: Institutions release a merit list based on the entrance exam performance. Shortlisted students undergo counseling, including document verification and seat allotment.

5. Payment of Fees: After seat allotment, students need to pay the fees to secure their admission.


Please note that the admission process may vary, so students should check the official website for specific details.


DMLT Course: Colleges

Some of the top DMLT course colleges are mentioned below table:

College/ Institute NameAverage Fees 
Institute of Post-Graduate Medical Education and Research, West Bengal₹ 30,000 - ₹ 35,000
Premila Vithaldas Polytechnic (PVP), Maharashtra₹ 34,000 - ₹ 35,000
ITM - Institute of Health Sciences, Maharashtra₹ 60,000 - ₹ 70,000
University of Mumbai, Maharashtra₹ 60,000 - ₹ 90,000
Delhi Institute of Technology and Paramedical Sciences, New Delhi₹ 80,000 - ₹ 85,000



DMLT Course Salary Prospects

DMLT graduates can expect promising salary prospects based on their job profile, work experience, and location. 

Medical Laboratory Technologists can start with an annual salary of ₹2.5-3.5. 

Laboratory Managers may begin with an average of ₹4-5 lakhs per year. 

Research Associates typically start with ₹3-4 lakhs per year, increasing to ₹10-12 lakhs or more with experience.

Overall, DMLT graduates have good earning potential.


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1. Which is better DMLT or BSc?

The choice between DMLT and BSc depends on students’ career goals and preferences, as DMLT focuses on specialized laboratory technology skills, while BSc offers a broader scientific education with diverse career options.


2. Which is better DMLT or BMLT?

BMLT is considered better as it is a degree course, offering more career opportunities compared to DMLT, which is a diploma program.


3. Can I open a lab after DMLT?

No, you can not open or run a lab after DMLT.


4. What is the scope of DMLT?

The scope of DMLT is broad, with opportunities to work as Medical Technicians, Lab Technicians, Pathology Technicians, and Medical Writers in hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centers.


5. Which is better DMLT or D Pharm?

Both DMLT and D Pharm are good choices, and the better option depends on students’ interests, career goals, and preferences in the medical field.