What are ISCCM Critical Care Fellowships?

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The Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine (ISCCM) is a non-profit organization and professional body representing medical professionals working in the Critical Care Medicine field in the country. It was formed on 9th October 1993. The aim of this organization is to promote awareness, continuing education and research in this field of Critical Care. As a part of its objective, it recognizes fellowships at different hospitals and institutes in India and also offers online fellowship programs.

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What are ISCCM Critical Care Fellowships?


ISCCM recognizes FIVE for doctors, ONE fellowship for Nurses and TWO fellowships for paramedic & allied health professionals. These fellowships are recognized by 239 different hospitals/ institutes all across India (as of December 2022). 

ISCCM also offers TWO online fellowship programs for doctors. Candidates who are interested in such fellowships need to become ISCCM members at the time of admission confirmation.


List of fellowships for Doctors:

1. Indian Diploma in Critical Care Medicine (IDCCM)

The IDCCM fellowship is designed for postgraduate medical professionals who are interested in working in Critical Care.


Eligibility Criteria:


ONE year for MD/DNB candidates and TWO years for Diploma candidates.

Academic Session:
January (last 15 Feb) and July (last 15 Aug)

Usually between ₹50,000/- to ₹70,000/- (depending on hospital policy).

 ₹14,160/- + ISCCM membership fee


2. Certificate Training of Critical Care Medicine (CTCCM)

The CTCCM fellowship is designed for medical graduates who are interested in working in Critical Care.

Eligibility Criteria: MBBS or equivalent allopathic medical degree with valid MCI registration.

Duration: TWO years

Academic Session: January (last 15 Feb) and July (last 15 Aug)

Stipend: Usually between ₹40,000/- to ₹50,000/- (depending on hospital policy).

Fees: ₹23,600/- plus ₹5,154 Associate Membership Fee


3. Indian Fellow of Critical Care Medicine (IFCCM)

The IFCCM fellowship is designed for IDCCM graduates who go after an advanced level of Critical Care qualification.

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Candidates who have completed IDCCM 
  • Those who have cleared FNB/ DM Critical Care are allowed direct entry to IFCCM examination
  • Those who have a foreign qualification in Critical Care can directly apply for IFCCM examination 2 years after their return to work in India, however, such candidates should be working in an ISCCM recognised Institution 
  • Direct registration for IFCCM for post MD candidates will be accepted but such candidates should pass IDCCM prior to appearing for IFCCM, duration of the course for directly registered candidates will be 2 years.

Duration: ONE year

Academic Session:  April (last 15th May) & October (last 31st Oct)​

Stipend: sually between ₹70,000/- to ₹80,000/- (depending on hospital policy)

Fees: ₹11,800/- plus ₹5,900/-

4. Fellowship in Neurocritical Care (FNCC)

The FNCC is a post-doctoral fellowship programme in neurocritical care. It is aimed to provide quality training to candidates for the comprehensive multi-system management of critically ill patients with neurological and neurosurgical insults while keeping in mind the sound principles of Neurocritical care. The program is recognized in collaboration with the Society of Neurocritical Care (SNCC India) and ISCCM.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Neurologists, Anaesthesiologists, General Physicians, Emergency Medicine Physicians, and Neurosurgeons may apply for this fellowship programme.
  • The candidates should possess an MD/MS or an equivalent degree (DNB) from an MCI-recognised institute, with at least six months of experience in critical care.
  • Candidates with a diploma from an MCI-recognized institute are eligible for a two-year experience post-graduation that includes at least six months of experience in critical care.
  • Candidate selection will be based on a personal interview of the candidate at the individual institution.
  • Each candidate should be a member of the ISCCM and SNCC.

Duration: ONE year (with compulsory two-month rotation in General Critical Care).

Academic Session: January and July of every year

Stipend: The remuneration of the candidate depends on hospital policy.


5. Fellow of Indian College of Critical Care Medicine (FICCM)

The FICCM is an honorary fellowship award given to medical professionals who have contributed significantly to the field of Critical Care Medicine.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Candidates should be Life Members of ISCCM for at least the past 5 years.
  • Candidates should have a subspecialty certification in either Anesthesia, Chest Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, Surgery, Critical Care Medicine or Pediatrics. This may also include Diplomas in the same subjects.
  • Candidates must be spending at least 50% of his/her practice time in the field of Critical Care Medicine at the time of application. A statement regarding the same should be signed by the candidate at the end of the application form.
  • Candidates should demonstrate continued involvement in the practice of Critical Care through research, publication or Education.
  • Candidates should demonstrate involvement in national and local community activities that demonstrate outstanding dedication and/or leadership in the practice and training of Critical Care Medicine.


Additionally, AT LEAST ONE of the following criteria:

  • The Candidate has cleared the Indian Fellowship in Critical care Medicine (IFCCM) or Fellowship of National Board (FNB) in Critical Care or Indian Diploma in Critical Care Medicine (IDCCM).
  • The candidate has been American board certified in Critical Care Medicine.
  • The Candidate has cleared the European Diploma in Critical Care Medicine (EDIC) or FJICCM from Australia.
  • The Candidate has obtained a Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training (CCST /CST) after MRCP, FRCA or FRCS from the United Kingdom.
  • The candidate has been practicing critical care medicine in India for at least 10 years after obtaining a postgraduate degree approved by the Medical Council of India.


Selection Process:

  • The applications will be invited in August and September every year, the last date is 30th September.
  • The Credentials Committee would examine each application for the award of Fellowship.
  • Factors that will be considered by the Credentials Committee include (but are not restricted to) duration of experience in critical care, critical care teaching experience (including examiner for IDCCM/IFCCM), publications in indexed journals, memberships of editorial boards for critical care journals, contribution to the ISCCM at National/Regional level, (including conference organization, public awareness programmes, socially relevant activities, participation in government programmes, etc), and the applicant’s Fellowships, Awards and Honours.
  • The decision of the Credential Committee would then be put for approval by the College Board.
  • Candidates will be informed of the decision by December month.
  • The decision of the Credentials Committee and College Board would be final and appeals from applicants will not be entertained.
  • Fellowship would be awarded during the College Convocation at the Annual Conference of ISCCM.
  • If the candidate is unable to attend the convocation and collect the award certificate, the same has to be personally received during one of the subsequent national conferences.

6. Fellowship of Comprehensive Respiratory Support (FCRS)

The FCRS fellowship is an online program created & validated by ISCCM and ICCM for people interested in learning the nuances of respiratory support.

Eligibility Criteria: 
MD/DNB/ Diploma in Internal Medicine, Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine, Pulmonology, Respiratory Diseases 

CTCCM candidates
Duration: 6 Months

Training Schedule: 

  • Web-based Live lectures; 2 classes per week, on every Tuesday 7 PM to 8 PM
  • Each class will be held for 60 minutes with 10 minutes of discussion & Q/A session.
  •  A total number of 24 sessions will be held

No. of Seats: 100 candidates per batch. Two batches per year.

Fees: ₹15,000/- + GST 

Course Intake: July month of every year

Exit Exam: 

Online theory and 50 MCQ-based assessments. 

The exam eligibility will be 70% attendance and 70% Pre-Test Scores. 

The passing marks will be a minimum of 70%.


7. Fellowship in Critical Care Ultrasound (FCCU)

The FCCU has been conceptualized to cater for the need for uniform training and expertise in point-of-care ultrasound. The program is an online and on-site training course, it will try to fill the lacunae that exist due to the absence of a structured course and supervised training. The Fellowship has been formulated in a way to cover all relevant topics and competencies needed for the head-to-toe evaluation of a critically ill patient. It is meant for Intensivists, Anesthesiologists, Pulmonologists, Emergency Physicians and anyone who looks after critically ill patients. This one-year fellowship will give you ample confidence to practice POCUS more efficiently in your clinical area.

Eligibility Criteria: MD/DNB in Internal Medicine, Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine, and Pulmonology. CTCCM & IDCCM candidates.​

Proctored Training:  Mentor/Supervisor, Webinars, Image discussion, Log book and Research project

Academic Session: July month of every year

Fees: ₹25,000/- + GST Registration (includes one-time certification fee, does not include workshop fee).
Repeat certification fees: ₹10,000/- + GST. The Registration is valid for 3 years.



fellowships for nurses by ISCCM


List of fellowships for nurses by ISCCM.

1. India Diploma in Critical Care Nursing (IDCCN)

The IDCCN fellowship is designed for nursing professionals who are interested to work in the Critical Care Nursing field.

Eligibility Criteria: GNM or BSc Nursing qualified candidates. Associate Life membership is mandatory for all candidates enrolling for IDCCN.

Duration: ONE year

Academic Session: January (last 28 Feb)

Stipend: Usually between ₹20,000/- to ₹25,000/- (depending on hospital policy)

Fees: ₹1,180/- + 590/-


fellowships for paramedical/ allied health professionals

List of fellowships for paramedical/ allied health professionals:

1. Fellowship in Advanced Respiratory Care (FARC) - Adult Critical Care (ACC)

The FARC fellowship is designed to advance the knowledge and skills of Respiratory therapists, who are working in the advanced clinical areas of Adult Critical Care. It is a joint venture of the Indian Association of Respiratory Care (IARC) and ISCCM and follows the entry, coursework, and exit requirements as set forth by both societies.

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Candidates should have completed graduation in Respiratory Therapy, like B.Sc. Respiratory Therapy or B.Sc. Respiratory Care Technology or B.Sc. (Medical Technology) - Respiratory Therapy.
  • Graduate Respiratory Therapists from Foreign Universities, upon the decision from the Board of Fellowship Study.
  • Registered Member of IARC
  • Associate Life Membership of ISCCM

Duration: ONE year

Stipend: Approximate between ₹25,000/- to ₹27,000/- (depending on hospital policy)

Fees: ₹10,000/-


2. Advanced Certification in Respiratory Technology (ACRT)

The ACRT fellowship is designed to provide opportunities for nurses and other skilled healthcare professionals to enhance their technical knowledge and skills with respiratory devices and equipment, which will enable them to work with multidisciplinary teams of Intensivists, Respiratory Therapists, ICU Nurses, and other ICU professionals. It is a joint venture of the Indian Association of Respiratory Care (IARC) and ISCCM and follows the entry, coursework, and exit requirements as set forth by both societies.

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Graduation/Diploma in any allied health speciality or nursing.
  • On Job Training with minimum 5 years of experience in the critical care units – certified by the head of the department and endorsed by the hospital administration
  • Associate Membership of IARC
  • Associate Life Membership of ISCCM

Duration: ONE year

Stipend: Approximate between ₹20,000/- to ₹25,000/-  (depending on hospital policy)

Fees: ₹10,000/-

Source: The official website of ISCCM as of December 2022.

How to Apply for these fellowships

You can learn more about these fellowships and apply directly to the hospital of your choice on Docthub Courses

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