Tips to keep your Health on Track while work from home.

Patient Awareness

Maintaining a good posture while working from home is very important. Not maintaining the right postures has its own adverse effects and what seems like a good thing today may end up in trouble. Follow this guide to make sure you don’t mistakenly hurt your own health.

Mar 11
Adityaraj Zala
Talent Scout

COVID-19 has taught us that nothing can stop progress. All of us have not only survived but thrived through those times of crisis. We learned and adapted a new way of communicating, a new way of working, and a new way of living altogether, but all this came at a cost. We’ve started compromising our health. The newly found work from home is a boon if you can plan and execute it well, but it becomes a curse if you are not careful with it. There are many consequences that you may face if you are working from home but fail to maintain a proper posture.  


Consequences of not maintaining an appropriate workspace   

Many people do not understand the seriousness of arranging a proper workspace. Our busy schedules have taken away our ability to look beyond anything other than work assigned to us. Maintaining a proper workplace at your home is important to be productive as well as to ensure your health stays in good shape. 


  • Working tirelessly from your couch or sofa can soar your neck and affect your back. 
  • Spending longer hours in front of a computer or laptop can cause headaches. 
  • Bad posture can affect your spine curvature and change its shape over time. 
  • If you are unable to relax your body at night, you may find sitting and working properly in the daytime a hard task. 
  • Bad posture may keep on distracting you and not let you focus on your work properly. 
  • Slouching can affect your digestive system and cause stomach issues. 


Below are the things to avoid while working from home  


  • Avoid sitting/laying on a couch for longer hours 
  • Try to sit evenly and do not bend on any one side 
  • Do not slouch or twist your neck too high 
  • If you’ve to look down, use your eyes not your neck 
  • Avoid looking at the screen for longer hours 
  • Adjust the height of your chair accordingly where your feet touch the ground 
  • Avoid sitting on the bed 


Things you can do to enhance your experience of work from home 


  • Maintain a good sitting position 
  • Use a comfortable chair 
  • Make sure you’ve adequate lumbar support 
  • Ensure feet support on the ground (You can use a table for it) 
  • Keep your elbows at a 90-degree angle 
  • Keep keyboard and mouse close to you with a wrist support 
  • Take breaks in between, get up and take a round of the room in between 
  • Perform a stretching exercise after a break 
  • Use earphones if you are staying on a team calls for a longer period 
  • Use a laptop stand 


Managing a proper posture during work from home is important, if you’ll continue to ignore it, you have to pay a big price for it in the future. Follow the above-given guidelines to ensure that you don’t harm yourself with a sloppy attitude.