Physical Education Courses After 12th Commerce

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Physical education revolves around studying psychomotor skills essential for active sports participation. It's a field that helps health promotion and explores the diverse psychological abilities needed to excel in physical activities.

Oct 6
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Physical Education Courses After 12th Commerce

Several physical education courses become available for students who have completed their 12th-grade education in the commerce stream. These encompass certificate programs, diplomas, and bachelor's degrees in physical education or related areas. 

This blog offers an in-depth exploration of these after 12th physical education courses, focusing on options tailored to commerce students. It aims to provide a comprehensive overview, helping students make informed choices about their educational and career paths in physical education.

Physical Education Courses After 12th Commerce 

Physical Education offers various degree, diploma, and certificate courses, making it accessible to students from various streams, including commerce. These courses aim to foster physical and sports education awareness among students. 

Here are some of the prominent physical education courses available for commerce students after 12th and physical education course duration and eligibility criteria.

CourseDurationEligibility Criteria
Bachelor of Physical Education and Sports3 Years
  • Students should have at least 40% marks in their 12th.
  • Some universities may also require proficiency in a specific sport or game
BBA/ BMS Sports Management3 Years
  • Students need to have a minimum of 50% in 12th.
  • To get admission, students have to clear an entrance test and attend a personal interview.
BA Physical Education3 Years
  • Students should have completed their 10+2 or equivalent examination from a recognized board in any stream.
B.Sc. in Physical EducationSports Science3 Years
  • Students need to have at least 45% marks in 12th from a recognized board. 
  • Admission is determined either by merit or through an entrance test, depending on the institute's requirements.
Diploma in Physical Education (DPEd.)2 Years
  • Students should have scored a minimum of 45% in 12th from a recognized board. 
  • Admission is granted either based on merit or through an entrance test conducted by the university.


Bachelor of Physical Education and Sports

Bachelor of Physical Education and Sports is a 3-year undergraduate program where students will learn both the practical and theoretical aspects of physical education, including understanding the ethics and responsibilities in areas like professional development programs, sports coachingfitness training, and physical fitness

There are subjects like general science, sports injuries, rehabilitation, physical education principles, child psychology, and sociology in the course curriculum. Students will also gain knowledge in various sports like table tennis and hockey. 

Graduates with this degree can work in education, sports organizations, federations, gyms, and more. The fees for this program typically range from ₹20,000 to ₹4,00,000.


Bachelor of Business Administration/ Bachelor of Management Studies (BBA/ BMS) in Sports Management

BBA in Sports Management is a 3-year undergraduate degree designed for sports enthusiasts who want to manage sports-related activities. It's a field of business that focuses on professional sports. 

This program aims to provide students with essential knowledge and practical skills, encouraging them to apply their learning to real-world sports and business scenarios. 

In this program, students study subjects like business management, human resource management, financial accounting, nutrition, fitness, and more. 

After graduation, students can pursue careers as event managers, PR managers, sports marketing managers, sponsorship managers, or business development managers. The fees for this course typically range from ₹50,000 to ₹4,00,000.


Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education

BA in Physical Education is a 3-year undergraduate program that offers practical insights into physical education and its integration with sports and social sciences. This course equips students with the skills to lead and motivate others in achieving physical fitness and overcoming health-related challenges.

Completing a BA in Physical Education can also serve as a foundation for pursuing advanced studies like MA, Ph.D., or M.Phil. in Physical Education.

The curriculum typically covers subjects such as biology, clinical supervision in physical education, human physiology, nutrition science, physiology of exercise, and more. The tuition fees for this program typically vary between ₹50,000 and ₹5,00,000, depending on the institution.


Bachelor of Science in Physical Education & Sports Science

A Bachelor of Science in Physical EducationSports Science is a 3-year undergraduate program designed for those passionate about sports and physical fitness. This course focuses on the science behind sports and exercise, equipping students with the knowledge and skills to excel in this field. 

Throughout the program, students delve into subjects like sports physiology, sports nutrition, biomechanics, and exercise psychology. They also learn about coaching techniques, sports management, and injury prevention. 

Graduates of this program can pursue various career paths, including sports coachingfitness training, and sports science research. Tuition fees typically range from ₹50,000 to ₹2,00,000, depending on the institution.


Diploma in Physical Education

DPEd, which stands for Diploma in Physical Education, is a 2-year course that sets it apart from other physical education options after completing the 12th grade. This program equips students with the skills to motivate and guide others in achieving physical fitness and tackling health-related challenges, giving them a competitive edge in the field. 

Students who are passionate about physical fitness and recreational sports can benefit greatly from a Diploma in Physical Education. Those considering this program should possess traits such as strong communication, patience, adaptability, determination, goal-setting abilities, and interpersonal skills.

The diploma program covers various topics, including the foundations and history of physical education, child psychology, sociology, yoga, sports training, and more. Tuition fees typically range from ₹50,000 to ₹2,00,000, depending on the institution.

To summarize, physical education offers a wide range of courses that cater to students who have completed their 12th-grade education in the commerce stream. 


By choosing the right physical education course after 12th commerce from, you can embark on a fulfilling journey of your passion for sports and fitness.




1. What is the scope of Physical Education after the 12th?

The scope of Physical Education after 12th has diverse career options in fields such as sports coachingfitness trainingsports management, and physical fitness promotion, offering rewarding opportunities to those with a passion for physical activity and well-being.


2. What is eligibility in Physical Education?

Eligibility in Physical Education typically involves completion of the 10+2 standard, with specific minimum percentage requirements, depending on the course and institution.


3. Which stream is best for physical education?

Bachelor of Physical Education and Sports, BA in Physical Education, and Diploma in Physical Education are considered to be the best streams for physical education.


4. Is commerce with PE a good option?

Yes, commerce with physical education is a good choice if you want to blend business studies with sports and fitness, opening up various career options.


5. Can a commerce student do Sports Management?

Yes, a commerce student can pursue Sports Management by opting for relevant undergraduate courses and gaining the required knowledge and skills in the field.