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NExT exam is going to replace the NEET PG Exam. NExT will serve as a licentiate exam to practice modern medicine as well as an entrance to secure residency. The exam will enable the students to use “Dr” in front of their names.

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Dr Sandip Patel
Founder & CEO, Docthub

The NExT Exam (National Exit Exam) will be implemented by the end of the year 2023 and it is likely that from 2024 onwards students will be able to enroll and appear for the NExT exam

  • Aim of the Exam: To help students get the medical licence & serve as PG Entrance Exam 
  • Exam mode: Offline 
  • Level: Postgraduate exam at National level 
  • Number of paper:


Question Type:  

  • MCQs 
  • LAQs 
  • SAQs 


Exam Sets: 

  • Theory 
  • Practical  


Objective of the exam: 

  • Filter unqualified candidates 
  • Act as a single exam to obtain licence  
  • Act as official PG examination 
  • A gate for foreign medical students to practice in India 


Advantages of NExT 

Single exam pan India to standardize the education system and improve the quality standard of education. 

More competition with foreign medical graduates will help persuade local Indian students ‌ improve their knowledge and put India in comparison with other developed nations. 

A single exam will remove the need for different exams for foreign graduates. 



  • MBBS Degree from a valid institution 
  • Passing MBBS with 50%  
  • After completing NExT paper 1, the students will be required to do a one year internship to give NExT paper 2. 

NExT exam pattern: 

  • NExT exam paper 1:  540 Online MCQs, only those who clear this will be eligible to go for an internship. 
  •  The exam is expected to be divided into three parts 
  • 60% problem solving 
  • 30% comprehension & analysis 
  • 10% recall questions 


The exam is expected to last 3 days and the expected schedule will be as follows 


Days Session Subject Questions Time (mins) 
Day 1 Pre-Lunch Medical Allied 120 180  

Post-Lunch Pediatrics 60 90 





Day 2 Pre-Lunch Surgery & allied 120 180 

Post-Lunch ENT 60 90 





Day 3 Pre-Lunch Obs & Gyn 120 180 

Post-Lunch Ophthalmology 60 90 

NExT exam paper 2:  

This will be a practical exam, the candidates will be able to select their masters based on this score. The exam will be taking place at the respective university/institute of the candidate. There will be seven clinical subjects aiming to understand the practical skills of a student. A student will become eligible for this step after completing his/her internship.  



Will NExT replace NEET PG? 

Yes, NExT will replace NEET PG as the entrance exam for medical students securing their admission to residency. 


Will NExT replace FMGE? 

Yes, NExT will replace FMGE, in the coming time foreign medical graduates need to give NExT to obtain a licence to practice in India. 


How many categories will be there in NExT? 

The exam will be conducted in two parts, theory and practical. 


When will NExT be implemented? 

The NExT exam will be implemented by 2024