Top 10 Highest Paying Best Career Options other than MBBS

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MBBS is a popular career choice among Indian students who aspire to become doctors. However, the path to becoming a doctor through MBBS is demanding and highly competitive, with the NEET exam being a major challenge.

Aug 18
Dr Mohit Changani
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Top 10 Highest Paying Best Career Options other than MBBS

Even after passing NEET, getting admission to preferred medical colleges can be difficult due to limited seats and high costs. This has led many students to consider pursuing MBBS abroad or even opting for alternative medical field jobs.

Beyond MBBS, students often overlook the range of options available in the medical field due to peer pressure and misconceptions. 

While MBBS remains a prestigious choice, there are several other rewarding career paths after 12th science, including engineering, general line education, and specialized medical courses. It's important to note that an MBBS degree is the first step, and many doctors choose to further specialize with an MD for higher earning potential and expertise.

Exploring medical specialties is essential as patients often seek doctors with specific expertise. While MBBS opens doors to medical practice, further specialization, like an MD, enhances earning opportunities and credibility. Understanding these options can guide students toward a well-informed and fulfilling career in medical.


Top 10 highest paying jobs other than MBBS

These top 10 options are high salary career options in medical other than MBBS without NEET and some are with NEET. So, you can have a successful and well-paying career in medicine without going the traditional MBBS route.



If you're looking for medical courses without needing NEET and aiming for a strong career in the medical field, exploring the Pharma industry could be a smart move. 

Pursuing a B. Pharm degree opens up a range of job opportunities in this field. Pharmaceuticals play a vital role in diagnosing and treating diseases, and their importance has become evident in recent times, especially with the pandemic. 

Various specialized areas like Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, and even Ayurvedic studies can be explored. These courses typically last around four years, with an option to do an integrated MBA in five years.

 Despite B. Pharm not being as well-known as MBBS, the pharmaceutical industry is rapidly growing and offers competitive salaries ranging from 10 to 15 lakhs per year with good experience.



Biotechnology is a diverse field that has fascinated students for a while. It covers various aspects like Genetic Engineering, Environmental Technology, Molecular & Cellular Engineering, Industrial Microbiology, and Bioinformatics. 

This course is often offered as B. Tech in Biotechnology at engineering colleges. 

Biotechnology involves using technology to create products from living organisms, like brewing wine or baking bread. With its roots dating back to 1970, biotechnology has rapidly evolved, especially in genetic engineering. 

This field offers career options such as biomedical engineers, research associates, and lab technicians, with potential earnings ranging from 6 to 10 lakhs annually.


Paramedical Science

Paramedical science courses focus on teaching students how to handle emergency medical care and diagnose and treat various medical conditions using diagnostic tools, ultrasounds, X-rays, and clinical lab tests. 

Paramedical courses are specialized training programs that prepare students for specific medical roles. They are designed to meet the demand for skilled paramedics in the healthcare industry

Compared to a traditional MBBS degree, paramedicine offers a more cost-effective and quicker route into the medical field, providing a variety of career options. A three- to four-year undergraduate program in paramedical sciences opens up numerous employment opportunities, including degrees in 


Hospital and Health care Management

Pursuing a career in the medical field can involve various paths beyond just direct patient care. While a four-year BSc Nursing program is a common choice for medical aspirants, other options are available post-graduation. 

Master's programs like Hospital Management or Healthcare Management, spanning around four years, are highly sought-after. 

Graduates from these courses don't directly treat patients but play a pivotal role in overseeing and optimizing healthcare processes within large medical organizations and hospitals. 

Their involvement ensures better coordination and efficiency across different hospital departments, enhancing the overall healthcare experience. These alternatives present valuable opportunities for students after their NEET and 12th, allowing them to engage with the medical field in diverse capacities.


Alternative Medicines

Beyond the conventional MBBS route, there are exciting paths in the realm of medicine that many NEET aspirants might not be aware of. These courses offer promising and lucrative opportunities, and they're expanding rapidly. 

While MBBS is a popular choice, you can also consider options like BDS, AYUSH (Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy) courses, which are now government-regulated and offer full-time degrees. For instance, BHMS, BAMS, BUMS, and BNYS are excellent options, lasting the same duration as MBBS. 

Although NEET qualification is needed, the cutoff is generally more attainable. Additionally, the realm of alternative medicine, including homeopathy, Unani, Ayurveda, and naturopathy, presents intriguing prospects. With varied course durations and opportunities for research and practice, these fields offer an open and accessible pathway into the world of medicine.


Veterinary and Animal Sciences

If you're fascinated by animals and medicine, pursuing a Bachelor in Veterinary Sciences (BVSc) could be an ideal path. This 5.5-year course equips you to become a veterinary or animal doctor, specializing in animal health and care. 

With this degree, you can work as a pet care professional, animal behavior specialist, or even in the military forces. The scope of veterinary sciences has broadened from the government to the private sector, offering opportunities in animal health, nutrition, grooming, and more.

NEET qualification is required for this field, and it's not just about animal welfare – it's also a gateway to impactful research and a potential high-salary career.



Biomedical Engineering

Apart from the aforementioned options, you can consider a four-year degree in Biomedical Engineering or medical electronics. This field revolves around creating tools for medical purposes, blending biology with engineering techniques for diagnosis and treatment. 

Biomedical engineering is about applying engineering principles to improve human health, from stem cell engineering to 3D-printing organs. 

This ever-evolving field offers opportunities for innovation and substantial earnings, making it a promising high-salary career choice beyond traditional medical paths.


Food Technology

The journey of food technology traces back to Louis Pasteur's work on spoiled wine. Food technology encompasses activities like creating, preserving, ensuring quality, and researching food products. This field covers areas like analytical chemistry, biotechnology, and microbiology. 

Food technology opens doors to roles like nutritional therapists, product development scientists, toxicologists, wine brewers, and nutritionists, with potential earnings of around 5 lakhs per year.


Forensic Sciences

Forensic sciences have a rich history of aiding police investigations and various research endeavors. This field offers promising career options for biology students, encompassing roles in law enforcement and other related sectors, with appealing remuneration. 

A Forensic Criminologist, for example, delves into the cognitive-behavioral patterns behind criminal acts, while forensic scientists gather and analyze evidence, contributing to crime-solving efforts. Forensic officers can earn approximately six lakhs annually.



Genetics explores genes, genetic variations, and heredity in living beings. It's a branch of biology focused on DNA, the building blocks of genes and their patterns. 

Geneticists, who study genetics, can earn around 4 to 8 lakhs annually. highlights these high-paying job opportunities where you can directly apply for these healthcare jobs and start your medical career.




1. What medical job pays the most without a degree?

Medical coding and billing specialists often have the potential to earn a competitive salary without requiring a medical degree.


2. What is the easiest medical job that pays well?

Medical transcriptionists, who convert audio recordings into written reports, can be considered one of the relatively easier medical jobs that can offer decent pay.


3. What is the easiest healthcare degree to get?

A Medical Assistant degree is considered one of the easiest healthcare degrees to obtain, offering a quicker path to entry-level healthcare positions.


4. Which medical field is most in demand?

Nursing is currently one of the most in-demand medical fields due to the ongoing need for healthcare services and a growing aging population.


5. Which medical course is the shortest?

Medical Assistant is one of the shortest medical courses, typically taking around 6 to 12 months to complete.