Is Artificial Intelligence going to replace healthcare jobs?

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come a long way in recent years, helping ‌humans in multiple ways and sometimes shocking with its immense abilities. There has always been a fear of us humans slowly sliding into a dystopian future where AI would’ve taken over the world and replaced human workers. Let’s understand how AI is going to affect the healthcare industry and whether it will replace healthcare jobs.

Mar 14
Ishaan Kotak
Content Strategist
Is Artificial Intelligence going to replace healthcare jobs?


AI, Machine learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) is being used in many industries and it has already started replacing human workers in many mundane and repetitive tasks such as in healthcare diagnosis & disease prediction. The automation of AI runs thanks to the vast amount of data it has been trained on. The results produced by AI have less or no chances of error, since it keeps on learning from its own mistakes and upgrading its own intelligence. This ability of AI empowers doctors to make quick decisions in times of crisis.



Radiology can be seen as a foremost speciality which is getting a huge boost thanks to AI. Today, AI  is helping radiologists to detect abnormalities in medical images like X-ray, CT scans or MRI scans. These new processes can gather data from a large pool of images and can accurately identify potential health problems. AI is also helping to create personalized treatment plans for cancer patients based on their genetic structure. Drug discovery is also another stream where AI is helping analyze large amounts of data on a molecular level to develop new drugs, leading to faster and more effective treatments. 


Will AI replace healthcare workers?

There are many benefits of AI stepping into healthcare. However, it also brings some concerns along with it. Researchers think certain jobs will be extinct in the coming time if AI keeps getting polished. AI will never replace Doctors or Nurses for sure, but there will be a time that AI will help a small group of healthcare professionals serve ‌a large community, which is not possible today.


In ‌ the future demand for healthcare jobs will shift to different roles, Ex. There will be a need for more data scientists and machine learning engineers who can develop AI-powered healthcare systems. At the same time, the need for medical transcriptionists and billing specialists will be reduced. The need for healthcare professionals will always be there to provide compassionate care and make critical decisions, but some jobs might be extinct in the future. 


AI in daily life

Smart devices such as fitness watches and smart scales have already started giving us the power to keep an eye on our health. In the future hospitals and healthcare specialists are going to get smarter and the use of these technologies is going to increase. The ones who will be left behind in this technological race are the ones who will not accept the new changes and mold themselves as per the industry requirement. 


In conclusion, there are both sides of the AI revolution race, where AI will be giving accurate data while humans will be needed for compassion and communication. The key to success in this era will be finding the right balance.


How can I keep up with AI trend?

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Will artificial intelligence take over the medical field?

No, artificial intelligence will not take over the medical field. It will empower healthcare professionals in their practice.


How will artificial intelligence change ‌the future of healthcare?

Artificial Intelligence provides accurate data to help healthcare professionals understand the patient’s health better and take the correct decision.


What jobs will AI replace in the future?

AI will replace the need for workers that are doing repetitive work, such as medical transcriptionists and billing specialists.


What jobs will be replaced by AI by 2030?

AI will replace Assistants, Telemarketers, Bookkeepers, Proofreaders, and sales people.


What Jobs Can AI Not Replace? 

AI won’t be able to replace Doctors or Nurses.