High Salary Courses After 12th Science PCB without NEET 2024

Healthcare Courses

In recent years, India's healthcare sector has been rapidly expanding, offering numerous medical and paramedical courses without the need for NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) after the 12th grade.

Sep 11
Dr Mohit Changani
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High Salary Courses After 12th Science PCB without NEET 2023

Many students often wonder about alternatives to traditional medical courses and ask questions like, “Which medical course is best without NEET” or "What are the medical courses after 12th without NEET?" or "Are there high-paying careers in the science field after 12th that don't require NEET?"

With the increasing competitiveness of the NEET exam, some students are exploring non-NEET medical courses. This allows them to discover lucrative career paths after completing their 12th-grade studies in PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology), especially for those who chose Biology as their primary subject.

There is a wide array of high-paying courses available after 12th science PCB without NEET. These courses are diverse, offering various levels of specialization, durations, and costs. They not only provide excellent employment prospects but also offer attractive salaries. So, for those seeking alternatives to traditional medical degrees, these non-NEET options open up exciting career possibilities.


High Salary Courses After 12th Science PCB Without NEET

Here are details about some of the best courses you can pursue after completing 12th-grade Science with PCB without NEET:



Pharmacy is a versatile field that covers various aspects of pharmaceutical science, such as drug safety, discovery, and medical chemistry. 

After completing the 12th grade, aspiring pharmacists can pursue a B. Pharmacy degree without needing to pass the NEET exam.

A B. Pharm degree equips students with fundamental knowledge in pharmacy, opening doors to various career opportunities

Graduates can explore roles like Chemical Technicians, Drug Inspectors, Health Inspectors, Pharmacists, and more, in both government and private sectors.

Pharmacy is a well-known and reputable field with its benefits and drawbacks. Opting for a full-degree program like B. Pharm is usually a wise choice over short-term certificate courses, given its popularity and the wide range of career prospects it offers.




Nursing is a noble profession that trains students to provide medical care and support to those in need. Pursuing a B.Sc. Nursing degree, which spans four years, not only imparts medical knowledge but also instills values like empathy, care, and patience. 

Graduates from this program can embark on various roles, such as Staff Nurse, Registered Nurse (RN), Nurse Educator, or Medical Coder, without giving NEET.

It's one of the top high-paying courses after 12th science PCB without NEET in the healthcare domain. Nurses are the backbone of healthcare facilities, contributing significantly to patient care, making it a fulfilling and impactful career choice.


Healthcare Management

Healthcare management is a field where you learn how to run and improve healthcare systems. You don't need to pass the NEET exam for this. It offers many job opportunities in healthcare.

With a healthcare management degree, you can become a Hospital Administrator, Healthcare Consultant, Medical Practice Manager, or Health Information Manager. These jobs are essential for making healthcare better for patients and making sure hospitals run smoothly.

If you're interested in healthcare but don't want to be a doctor, healthcare management is a good choice. It's about making healthcare work better and helping it run well.



Paramedical courses are practical training programs that prepare you for healthcare jobs. People who take these courses learn how to be skilled healthcare workers. In the healthcare field, paramedical workers, especially in trauma and accident care, are becoming more important.

In India, there are many paramedical courses that you can choose as high-paying options after 12th science without NEET. 

These include Bachelor's degrees in science like Radiography and Respiratory Therapy Technology. There are also courses like Critical Care Technology (B.Sc.), Dialysis Therapy (B.Sc.), and Operation Theatre Technology (B.Sc.) that you can consider. These courses open doors to various healthcare jobs where you can make a good salary.



Consider psychology as an excellent option. With this degree, you can become a psychologist, addressing the growing mental health challenges.

This three-year full-time undergraduate program delves into the scientific study of the human mind and behavior, including human development, sports, health, clinical work, social behavior, and cognitive processes, as per the American Psychological Association.

If you don't qualify for NEET after the 12th grade, you can pursue a three-year Bachelor of Arts (BA) Honors in Psychology.

After graduation, diverse opportunities await in the private and public sectors, such as universities, government agencies, clinics, schools, and hospitals.


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1. Which medical course does not need NEET?

Many paramedical and allied health courses, such as B.Sc. Nursing, B.Sc. Paramedical Sciences, and B.Sc. Healthcare Management does not require NEET for admission.


2. Is it possible to get admission to BDS without NEET?

No, NEET is mandatory to get admission to BDS courses.


3. How can I study abroad without NEET?

You can study abroad without NEET by pursuing courses in countries that don't require NEET scores for admission.


4. Can I study medicine in the USA without NEET?

Some universities offer medicine programs without NEET but some colleges have mandatory NEET for admission of medicine programs in the USA.

5. Which field is best for PCB students?

The best field for PCB students often depends on their individual interests and career goals, with options including medicine, pharmacy, nursing, psychology, and various paramedical courses.