Fellowships After MBBS

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There are several career options medical students can pursue after completion of MBBS, but often students just ignore those paths and continue toward the trajectory that is highly followed.

May 31
Dr. Sandip Patel
Founder & CEO, Docthub.com
Fellowships After MBBS

The most preferred choices for medical students after finishing their MBBS are MD, MS, and DNB, but there is so much more to it that nobody pays much attention to, let’s explore it today!

Current Scenario

  • The current scenario looks something like this, MBBS students prepare for NEET-PG where landing for MD/MS is tough, so aspirants keep re-attempt the exam.
  • The students that are not planning to do a residency in India go for USMLE(USA), PLAB(UK), and MCCQE (Canada).
  • Many students take up a Government job or join as Junior residents or prefer practicing as General physicians.


Why students aren't selecting special fellowships?

There are many fellowships available after MBBS but students generally do not prefer going for them due to many different reasons, these reasons are as follows.


Not a traditional approach

The traditional approaches after the completion of MBBS include going for a master's, opting for any other speciality isn’t seen that often among the medical graduates, hence many students prefer avoiding any such path.


Minority seniors chose it

The students often look after their immediate seniors and their choices, when a major number of graduates follow a traditional path, the newcomers often think that path will be more suitable for them since there is a huge number of people already selecting the same.


Social stigma

There is a social stigma circling around that you can not make a good living in the Medical sector if you do not finish your master's with MD/MS/DNB. However this is not true, there are many ways you can make a good living depending on your interest.


Peer Pressure

A human is a social animal living among people, and as a human, we are not good at redefining the old norms and crave a new path as an individual, surely with a large herd it is possible but as an individual, it gets hard to walk on a different path.



There is a lack of confidence among students to initiate something new or unheard of, even when they are ready to take up such a decision, there is an inferiority complex that stops them from doing so.


Who should go for these fellowships

  • The basic eligibility stands for the students who have completed their MBBS or MD from India or somewhere outside India. They can choose to go for fellowship specialities.
  • The students that are unable to crack NEET-PG or who just don’t want to appear in it can think about going for it.
  • The Registered Medical Officer (RMO) who wants to practice independently can enhance their skills by choosing it.
  • And lastly, it depends upon your area of interest, if any of these fellowships fall into your interest you can think about it.


Fellowship specialities

The fellowships that are available for one to pursue are as follows



How to decide which fellowship will be suitable for you

  • Do your research.
  • Identify your specialty of interest.
  • Observe the need and requirements.
  • Meet people who are practicing in this specialty and learn from them about it.


There are many options one can opt for after completing MBBS, but oftentimes inferiority and peer pressure stops the students from taking the right decision. If you are someone who is considering going for a fellowship, you can make up your mind and go for it. To get the details of all the available fellowships you can try searching for them on courses.docthub.com