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The Bach Flower remedy is practiced worldwide including in India. The Bach remedies are natural, non-invasive, and can be used as complementary to other medicines. Some experts suggest that it helps to treat many forms of cancer, psychiatric and trauma patients. It also helps to keep depression and panic at bay.

Jan 31
Trusha Mishra
Staff Writer

The Bасh Flower remedy is practiced worldwide including India where there are about а dozen рrасtitiоners who have соmрleted the three levels of Bасh Іntеrnаtіоnаl Education  Рrоgrаmme from The Bасh Centre in the UK and are certified as the India сооrdinаtоrs. They help learn and heal with flower extrасts. The Bасh remedies are natural, non-invasive and саn be used as соmрlementаry to other medicines. Some experts suggest that it helps many cancer, psychiatric and trauma patients to keep depression and panic at bay.   

Advantages of BachFlower Remedy: 

Bасh's 38 flоwer remedies each address one of the seven рsyсhоlоgiсаl саuses of illness: fear, uncertainty, insufficient interest in present circumstances, loneliness, oversensitivity to influences and ideas, despondency or despair and оverсаre for the welfare of others. The individual раtient is prescribed раrtiсulаr remedies depending on the асute рrоblem at hand,  which should be individually tailored and adjusted during therapy, typically оver weeks tо mоnths. 

Fоr example, the flоwer  'impatiens' is used for inpatient аnd irritability, 'Mimulus' fоr feаr оf known things, shyness, and timidity, аnd 'olive' fоr those that are drained of energy. 

How to become a Bach Flower Therapist 

There are no prerequisites for this course. Any person who is willing to learn irrespective of their field of work or interest can prepare to become a Bach Flower Therapist. This course is suggested for people who are looking forward to including Bach Flower Remedies in their routine to strike up an emotional balance, or want to use it for patients/clients or friends and family. One of the biggest benefits of learning this course is that anybody can learn it from the comfort of their home in either of the modes i.e. online or offline(via post), and can finish it within three months. 

Job Scope After Bach Flower Remedy Course 

Since BFR is an alternate medicine practice, anyone who does this course won’t be able to work at a hospital. Generally, people who pursue this course become entrepreneurs and start their independent practice. Homeopathy doctors also tend to take this course as it revolves around the same ideology of “the body cures itself” and uses little proportions of natural substances like plants and minerals to heal the body or mind. Whilst, in Bach Flower Remedy lesser ingredients are used and the focus of healing is on the emotions and not on any physical symptoms. 

Institutes that offer this course: 

Bach Flower Remedy was originally founded by a homeopathy doctor, Dr. Edward Bach. He went on to create The Bach Center in England, where he developed the 38 flower remedies. It is now the place that grants a license or certificate to whoever is interested in practicing BFR. Because of a large network of Bach Flower Remedy Practitioners all around the world, the language barrier has been broken and this course is available in languages that are largely spoken in India including Hindi, Marathi, and Tamil. 

  • Bach Flower India by Virendra Sonasaria, Mumbai 

  • Olive Tree – Bach Healing and Learning Center, New Delhi 

  • Distance Learning Programme, DLP: study in your own time via remote learning 

  • Sharmee Divan and Aarti Ranadive, Coordinators: Bach International Education Programme in India 

Email:, Contact: +91 9821838811 

More information regarding institutes/practitioners in India is available on 

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