7 Best Tips to nail an Interview

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It's a huge accomplishment to be accepted for an interview. As a candidate, you should know all the important points and accomplishments you have mentioned in your resume/CV. Research about the company as it makes a good impression. You should be ready with smart replies to possible questions.

Jan 28
Mudra Brahmbhatt
Course Administrator

It's a huge accomplishment to be accepted to an interview; you're now in the fortunate position of being able to present and sell yourself in the hopes of earning a job offer. Here are a few pointers to help you stay in charge of your interview and make the most of the opportunity you've been given.  



Prepare for your interview by conducting research  


It's a good idea to do some research on the company you'll be interviewing with - go deeper into the job description and come up with some questions to ask. If you do this homework, the interviewers will see that you have put in the effort, and you will be putting yourself in a better position. If you find yourself in a scenario where you are confronted with a difficult issue, it will be a lot simpler to cope with if you have studied up on your job role and can come up with a more informed response to an unexpected query.  


Go through the resume and study it well


As a candidate, you should know all points and accomplishments you have mentioned in your resume/CV. In any job interview, the very first question will mostly be about your job profile. So, you should be ready with very smart answers and all points should be imprinted on your mind.  


Prepare yourself


On the day of your interview, the last thing you want to feel is rushed or under pressure. If you're not familiar with the area where the job is located, take a practice trip to see how long it will take you to get to your interview. Avoiding lateness can boost your confidence and allow you to concentrate on the interview. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get ready and use that time to make a list of everything you'll need during the day. Nothing should be left to chance.  



Maintain a Professional Attitude  

Even if you are sure about the fact that employees at the company you are interviewing with wear informal clothes, you need to dress professionally irrespective of that as it makes a positive impression and shows interviewers that you have the correct attitude. But also make sure that you're comfortable – there's nothing wrong with accepting a glass of water; in fact, it might help you relax.  


Please be thorough with the job description 


The very first thing you should do after getting an interview call is to make deeply detailed formatting of the job description for which you have applied. As interviewers can ask you what you know about this job role you should be ready with clear and exact answers. Because if you know all points about your job role then it shows you have done your homework very well.   


Throughout the interview, be yourself  


Be pleasant and courteous, but don't go overboard. It can be nerve-wracking but try not to ramble and keep your responses short and sweet. To avoid speaking too quickly, remind yourself to pause before beginning a new statement. By all means, go into great detail about your previous experience and qualifications, but keep it focused on the questions the interviewers are asking.  


Don’t fake it


While it's important to sell yourself during your interview, avoid exaggerating portions of your CV; interviewers may see this as a hint that you're overcompensating since you don't meet the job's requirements. If you lack the technical abilities required but believe your experience can be valuable, concentrate on that. Similarly, if you have a gap in your resume for reasons such as taking a break to care for family, children, or travel, you shouldn't feel obligated to lie about it, because honesty is the best policy.  



The only thing left is to ace the interview! Remember, going to an interview is an experience you can learn from, so whether you win the job or not, you will acquire something.  

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