4 Tips for introducing yourself in an Interview

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Introducing yourself in an interview is a tricky thing, you need to know what is the right way to present yourself. If you make a single mistake in this process, you might lose the chance of getting a job. Here you can learn the right way to introduce yourself and make a good first impression.

Apr 4
Komal Patel
Talent Acquisition Manager

The most common question that is being asked first in the interview is, “Tell me about yourself?” Every candidate knows this is where he/she has to introduce himself. But even after several attempts and hard work, many fail to express their true potential to the interviewer. Here we can learn how introducing yourself can work out in your favour.

First impression

It is very important to make a good first impression. Your employer does not know you that well so it's up to you how you want him to think. Dress appropriately for the post you are interviewing for. The first thing everyone will see is what you are wearing, so dress according to the position you are interviewing for. Remember to be yourself and be who you are.

Dress accordingly

Your appearance plays a very important part in determining what kind of person you are. Different offices have different dress codes, in some places. Formals might be compulsory while in others casual work is just fine. Do a little research beforehand to find out what kind of dress code will be appropriate for your interview. Try to avoid eye-catching attire or jewellery to ensure you look professional. 


Be comfortable and ensure your body language is correct. Try avoiding being uncomfortable or over-friendly, you might not know what impression you are leaving on the interviewer. Greet the interviewer nicely when you enter the room and begin the conversation as the flow goes. Be prepared to take up any kind of question.

Practice first

After the date and timing of the interview are finalized, you can start preparing a mock interview to prepare all the basic things that you’ve to cover in an interview. State your name boldly and practice speaking up with confidence. You can practice mock interviews with your friend or family. Cover all the important subjects to ensure you do not miss any important aspects. 

General tips

  • Keep a smiling face during an interview, your smile will add confidence to your answer.
  • Follow formal etiquette.
  • Maintain proper eye contact during the interview.
  • Prepare a self-introduction beforehand.
  • If you do not understand any aspect of the company, prefer asking rather than nodding along.
  • Research well about the company before going for an interview.
  • Once the interview is over, thank the interviewer and leave with a smile.

Best of luck!

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